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Date posted September 25, 2017 9:47 AM
Posted by hauler
Report location New York > North Shore > Dog days of September
Fishing method Boat
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Fished both days this past weekend taking friends out to enjoy the weather. Saturday afternoon around 3:00 took a chance with a pencil popper in the backwater which has been fishing well sunrise/sunset and took this nice schoolie that taped out around 30". Then jumped in to take a dip with my pooch...why not!

Yesterday two small girls onboard with my buddy and bailed scup at a furious clip right in the bay. Clams/ Clam chum getting them instantaneously when the rigs hit bottom. Mostly small, but the girls had a blast until they too got too hot. In we went again. Gotta love jumping off the boat in the later half of the month.

Indian Summer Schoolie

Doxies swim too

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Joined: 09/03/2001
Posts: 2260
Location: Mamaroneck
 09/25/2017 12:55 PM  

Nice going. Never seen the water this warm this late in September. 30 inches is no schoolie. Good for you.

Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16887
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 09/25/2017 07:00 PM  

the girls had a blast (-:

well done Shades this weekend was hot surprise,,glad you all had a blast,,,, stay well and always be safe,, have a good nite,,,><(((:> ~~~~ ><(((:>


Joined: 02/04/2006
Posts: 29505
Location: Raritan Bay NY
 09/26/2017 06:35 AM  

Water looks great up

Joined: 05/05/2004
Posts: 213
Location: Smithtown
 09/28/2017 10:01 AM  

good stuff
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