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Date posted November 11, 2015 10:03 AM
Posted by RedWolf
Report location New York > Fire Island > Monday
Fishing method Boat
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I headed out Monday morning and found pnut bunker in the inlet being slapped around by schoolie bass. Birds everywhere and some fun watching the action and catching a couple of bass before heading on. I was working a sand bar where pnuts were coming off of it and bass were feasting on them when a guy and 2 friends if his decided to cut right next to me so I had to real in so I wouldn't lose my line and couldn't understand what the hell he was thinking but I sat and watched as I know he was going to hit the bar and he came to a screaming halt. I just shook my head and moved on watching him work his way off the bar. I would if warned him but real it was just a selfish move that I just had to watch. I was leaving the inlet when a big buck decided to swim from democrat point to the sore thumb. I decided to protect him from any boats and just put myself between him and anyone leaving the inlet. He climbed onto the rocks and stood up tall shook himself off and went on his way. The surf guy fishing right there got to enjoy a great moment watching this buck come right next to him. I decided to ht the San Diego wreck and was very disappointed with the lack of sea bass there. Caught plenty of fish but nothing if real size. Headed back towards the light house and caught some bass around 32 inches and just huge blues up to about 18lbs that were just feeding on tons and tons of pnut bunker. The ocean is starting to fill up with them and in the next week or two the bait will all be in the ocean and hopefully there will be lots of life out there. Time will tell. All fished were released.


Bug Buck swimming


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 11/11/2015 10:48 AM  

Hey,,I think that's Bobs Buck Confused
Told me about his face to face.[better than catchin schoolies]
Majestic animal,,great picsup

you know what that means"
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