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Date posted August 31, 2015 12:30 PM
Posted by AllyKat
Report location New York > North Shore > I I I I
Fishing method Boat
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Got out on fri late afternoon, armed with fresh bunker from Cow Harbor B n T....they were loaded up for the WICC.

Broke the inlet with T-Mac, Boyd and Sarah around 6:30 and dropped the hook in 50 ft of water, with the incoming gaining speed. Sent the chunks down followed by generous amounts of chum. Didn't take long for the bait to attract attention, but for whatever reason, I couldn't get the circle hooks to find the jaw.

With the sun just setting and the moon rising to the east, both lines went off and I stayed put, letting Tom and Mike handle the rods. Wild fight with both guys trying to control their fish and not get tangled up. Boyd had his fish up top first but the bass did not like the boat and had a few runs in her. Tom took his time and called for the net, and soon enough, Sarah let out a holy s*(t seeing her first real big fish. I dumped the 33 inch bass on the deck and went back to Mike who had his fish tired out. Soon enough, two nice bass were flopping on the deck, and high fives all around with our first double header bass on the AllyKat.

Reset everything with the bass being bled out, and within ten minutes I hooked into another fish and let Sarah do the deed, fighting a powerful bass. Granted she need lots of instruction, but she did well in her ten minute fight with lots of runs to the bottom, and big swirls on top until the fish gave out and I slipped the net under her 36 inch bass.

We finished our limit with Boyd sticking another bass about a half hour later, another 34 incher that came home with us. Back at the dock before 9 pm, and greeted by the DEC. The boys in green inspected the catch and my Salt Water Marine Registry. They understood that Sarah was fishing for the first time and was assured she was to sign up on the website.

Tried to duplicate our results on sunday morning with Rob, Ed and his son Matt. A late start at 7am didn't help. We only managed one HUGE blue that Matt handled very well considering he is 11 y/o. Took him quite a while with little coaching but he brought home a slob of a 36 inch blue. Too bad we didn't sign up for the WICC with that gator. We anchored up for some porgy and Sea bass...not too much action, about 6 big keepers...biggest had Rob tight to the rail. Biggest porgy I ever seen at just under 20 inches....almost broke out the net! No seabass for us.

Home by noon, and gave the AllyKat a good scrubbing for a job well done this weekend.

Sarah''s First ever

Double Header

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Location: Castlehill
 08/31/2015 02:36 PM  

Kudos for the kat upup nice post bud , it seems like the dec and police was on a mission this weekend they were every where on the sound but they did not bother us Shades
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