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Date posted July 13, 2015 4:24 PM
Posted by tomjg
Report location New York > Western South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Well- I didn't have much of a Spring and don't usually fish from the surf in the Summer. That being said I was heading on vacation last week . I spent last week in the Adirondacks, NH and Maine and was debating whether or not to bring my surf rod. I decided it would be better to have it and not use it than want it and not have it. I was getting my stuff together and deciding what to take and since I had it out decided to run down and take a few casts. Ran down on 6/30 - good conditions, no weeds, and a few casts in landed a decent striper. Quick pic and released. Worked a few more areas and as I was getting ready to call it a night , threw one more cast out , got drilled right by shore and after a couple of seconds realized it was a fluke. After a few jumps beached a nice keeper fluke- decided to keep it for my parents.

I didn't wind up using my rod in Maine- although Kennebunkport looks like a hell of a place to fish for stripers. Was thinking of knocking on the Bush's door to see if they'd let me work the rocks around their place but wife talked me out of it- lol. Fishing on my lake in the Adirondacks was slow. The lake was extremely high due to a very rainy June. I did land a few bass including one really nice Small Mouth on a Jitterbug ( released after pics) but unfortunately no lake trout.

Hope everyone is having a good summer and hope to be back at it in earnest come Fall.



small mouth

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 07/13/2015 07:00 PM  


nice,, way to go!!!! Shades,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,><(((:> ~~~ ><((:>


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Joined: 12/07/2003
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Location: Albany NY
 07/13/2015 08:28 PM  

Nice job Tom! It's like you're on a multi water fishing tour! Hey, can ya rake some of those weeds outta the WSS before I fish down that way again? Smile
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Frank J. Zima

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 07/13/2015 09:07 PM  

Great report tom !!! Nice smalli upupup

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 07/13/2015 09:26 PM  

Nice to see your report buddy...upupup

Joined: 06/18/2011
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 07/14/2015 01:13 AM  

Good stuff tom upuplooks like u having a epic summer this year….Shades

¿ <°)))))><

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 07/14/2015 08:57 PM  

Tommy gun up

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