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Date posted May 23, 2015 9:17 PM
Posted by Carpniels
Report location New York > Central South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Made the trip from Upstate to LI for Memorial Day. Fished on Friday 5/22 from 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM at a GSB beach on the south shore. Walked all the way in while most other fishermen drove their beach buggies. Caught my first bluefish of the year on my new rod (2-piece used Lamiglas). Also first ever on a swim shad. Never caught a blue this large and could not believe the power it had. Wonderful experience.

Other fishermen were great. Two let each of my two sons reel a bluefish in. They loved it and I appreciated the friendliness of all the other fishermen. I read lots of stories about spot burning, undersize fish takers, etc. but my experiences have been nothing but great.

My first of 2015

My second son reeling in his first ever blue

My third son reeling in his first ever Blue

Proud little guy with Gorilla Blue

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Joined: 04/08/2007
Posts: 1
 05/24/2015 05:58 AM  

Hi, im looking to start fishing in LI. Is this place easy to get to? Do i need a 4x4 to go? How do i get there?

Joined: 04/27/2010
Posts: 71
 05/24/2015 07:31 AM  

Great story. Nice post. Good father.

Joined: 09/23/2011
Posts: 73
 05/24/2015 09:11 AM  

Great story Great dad Those boys are hooked for life! You know you have to SUPRISE those guys with a starter surf casting combo All the follow up posts should make the best suggestions they are reasonably priced. Read William"doc"Mullers book surfcaster tells you everything youll need soup to nuts. tight lines brother my son and I are about to catch incomingSmile

Joined: 04/20/2015
Posts: 10
Location: East moriches
 05/24/2015 01:12 PM  

Great job Dad! Nothing better. Tight lines and thank god for the ones who sacrificed so we can chat on here this special weekend. Once again great job guys!!!

Joined: 04/27/2012
Posts: 28
 05/24/2015 08:01 PM  

Those kids look like naturals to me, probably will be hooked for life. Great story on memorial day weekend

Joined: 07/05/2005
Posts: 18
Location: Rome, NY
 05/26/2015 10:44 PM  

Thanks guys for the replies. Yes, they are hooked. We went back on Sunday in the afternoon but there were no blues around (only in the AM). We lost 4 lures so it was a good lesson for them that not everything in fishing comes easy.

We will be back again on July 4th weekend to see if we can catch something else (with stripes, we hope Smile otherwise, there are always fluke and porgies to catch.


Stripers are like carp, except edible !!
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