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Date posted October 22, 2014 12:08 PM
Posted by tomjg
Report location New York > Western South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Got out around 7pm last night. Wanted to fish a spot on the open beach that looked like it would be good at high tide. Started hoofing it, taking some casts along the way. Conditions were excellent , no weeds , not much wind, nice surf. Throwing a bomber , no hits along the way. After about a half an hour I got to the spot- 1st cast- weeds- ugggg. They weren't terrible but bad enough that I decided it wasn't worth dealing with them when I had plenty of weed free water to work, so headed back working the bomber along the way. Got back to where I started , sort of surprised that I didn't even have a bump. Covered lots of promising looking water. Decided to throw on a darter and give it an "honest effort".

After the usual frustration in trying to get a feel for it, I think I found the right rod angle to work it properly. After a half an hour , and still no hits, I was feeling more confident with it . I decided to throw in a few "jerks" to the retrieve . On my second cast, about half way in and right in the middle of one of the twitches, I got hit! Fish was in tight to the beach and came flying out of the water. Looked sort of small but actually took some line. I checked my drag and it wasn't loose yet the fish took some more line?

A few seconds later , the fish practically swam up on the beach and right away I noticed why the fight was so strange- I snagged the thing right in the back. It was hooked as if I were going to live line it. Guess I need to back off on the twitching part of the retrieve- lol. Quick pic and let go unharmed except for the small hole in it's back. Kept working the darter for a while for no more hits or snagged fish. Fished my way back home with an SP- throwing into lots of nice pockets and rips for no love. Right before calling it a night I got my second hit and beached a schoolie-- fish took the teaser. Called it a night around 9:45 with only the two fish. Slow night catching but good night fishing.

ready for live lining

Teaser schoolie

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 10/22/2014 07:37 PM  

Great pics,
Good to see your catching and snagging

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