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Date posted October 16, 2014 12:13 PM
Posted by tomjg
Report location New York > Western South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Took Tuesday night off , so I was chomping at the bit to get back at it last night. After the usual family routine , I got out around 8:30. Only 1 plan last night- being I was getting out right around low tide I figured I'd walk for about an hour without casting, get to a spot I wanted to fish, then fish my way home(ok- well 2 really- landing a big fish was part 2 of the plan ). That'd give me a solid 2 hours to fish before the weather got snotty. The wind was strong out of the south , the surf conditions were great and the weeds weren't bad at all ( with each step, my confidence in implementing part 2 of my game plan was skyrocketing). I started my hike and it wasn't long before I was tempted to break my plan and start casting. I made it all of ten minutes before I had to take a cast into some good looking water. Tossed the bottle plug out and it came back clean, no weeds . Only made the one cast and got back to my plan and started hoofing it again. 5 minutes later I just had to take another cast into a good looking trough. Tossed the bottle into the wind, and got hit almost as soon as it landed. Missed it- but now I'm even more convinced it's going to be a banner night. Took a few more casts into the spot with no more hits then started walking again. After a couple more quick stops ,without any hits, I got to where I wanted to be around 9:40. Deeper water, conditions looked awesome, started working the bottle expecting to get slammed on every cast. 20 minutes in , not a touch. A buddy made the same treck and met me around 10pm ( he was more disciplined than me- he didn't stop along the way). After about 45 minutes of throwing a bottle into great conditions ,I switched up to a needle. We started working our way back- still confident we'd get into fish. Cast after cast came back untouched. 2 hours later- not a touch. Tide started coming in and wind started to lay down so switched to an SP. Cast after cast ignored. I wrapped it up around 1:30 dumbfounded.Weather wasn't a factor ,other than a couple of squalls that came through . Getting skunked is never fun but some skunkings are worse than others- last night was about as bad as it gets. 5 hours of fishing ,in good conditions, without a fish- ouch!

I can't get out soon enough to wipe that skunk off- hopefully tonight.

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Joined: 10/11/2005
Posts: 116
 10/16/2014 02:23 PM  

That was rough Tom. You mean it wasn't fun when we were catching no fish and the stiff south wind was blowing that downpour directly in our eyeballs? Toungue Tonight has to be better, right?...

Joined: 10/24/2013
Posts: 150
Location: central south shore
 10/16/2014 02:59 PM  

I hear ya Tom my issue was the weeds way east of you. They are abundant here. Very dirty water. With the low tide was able to get out far but nothing doing. The old next cast mentality was playing over and over in my head. But it never happened. Good luck this weekend brother.

Joined: 12/07/2003
Posts: 254
Location: Albany NY
 10/16/2014 05:29 PM  

Sometimes the fish just aren't there, or they're not biting...that's fishin' right?...but if ya didn't go, ya wouldn't know! ...or...maybe this is God's way of letting some of us catch up to you Tom!

Keep castin''ll only get better...


Frank J. Zima

Joined: 03/17/2003
Posts: 27998
Location: levittown, N.Y.
 10/17/2014 06:24 AM  

Great effort hope you can get out tonight I have a feeling your gonna drill em.

I drive a jeep, but CHEVY is in my blood. libba # 1742, Striped Bass Coop.
Take more garbage than you brought with you-every time!

Joined: 04/03/2010
Posts: 138
 10/17/2014 09:40 AM  

Nice report buddy....upup

Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16887
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 10/17/2014 03:50 PM  

tom I KNOW!!! you will get them next time,, take care,,,,><(((:> ~~~ ><((:>


This post edited by mojoe 03:50 PM 10/17/2014
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