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Date posted October 13, 2014 10:05 AM
Posted by AllyKat
Report location New York > North Shore > I I I I
Fishing method Boat
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Had a few hours to fish on a sloppy sunday morning.

Grabbed some crabs from Mark and Phil at Cow Harbor.

At the ramp, the DEC was there checking marine registrations and making sure everyone knew the regs

Sound was whipped up with 2-4 foot rollers from the North winds gusting to 20.

Tried a spot close to shore, but the rollers kept taking us off anchor and close to the large boulders, so we scrapped those plans and headed to Eatons.

Right around the Brushpile area, we could see the waves breaking over the super shallow area, so we avoided it by heading north east. My depth finder sounded the alarm, 2FT!!!..headed further NE, away from the Brushpile....Alarms sounded again...


Boat rocked and shuddered, but kept on going. No vibration like a bent prop, and no water coming we monitored the situation, and headed for deeper water.

Tried another spot in 30 ft, and had shorts every once in a while, but nothing great, with the big swell taking us off anchor twice. Called it a day before noon with my girls fast pitch game later on.

Took it easy on the ride back, surfing the waves in.

Back at the ramp made me realize why I smelled outdrive fluid......a one inch chunk taken out of the lower unit.





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Location: Long Island
 10/13/2014 10:47 AM  

I know that area better than anyone, and I get shocked when I see people wiz through there and not hit anything. You have to stay way to the outside on a low tide. Sorry about the boat.
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