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Date posted May 14, 2014 10:30 PM
Posted by pdspeh69
Report location New York > North Shore > SB to MS+ ~ Flipping Slow ~ 5-12-14
Fishing method Boat
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SB to MS+ ~ Flipping Slow ~ 5-12-14

Called my old fishing friend Tom super last minute I knew if anyone would say yes

Met to Tom @ 7:40 am - we said 8 but

I was 45 early and Tom was 20 early ..

He was mad I got there before him... Too funny .. But I had some prep prerigging to do so we would be ready..


Air 60-78 warm

High @ 10:30

Water 53-66

Wind - light until 1pm then turned on hard ..Ssw @ 15-20


Shoved off into perfect - perfect flat calm big beautiful blue skied conditions as the tide gently and slowly rose

I thought it was going to be a break out day considering how my catch count for spring was rising each outting ...boy was i wrong...for the first 3 Hours we both went with out even a bump, swipe , hit , swirl or even any signs of life save the occasional lone gull..

Flipped a coin at one point to decide which way to go...

Heads = continue on our current course ( maybe larger fish + a keeper? Or two)

Tails = return to where I know fish are ...(mostly shorts but action)

The quarter hit the deck bounced and rested on heads ....

Continued on ....but after an exhausted all avenues I could think of ... Flipped the quarter back over to tails anyway and chose to not be skunked

Actually I'm Glad we did both heads and tails .. You gotta gamble on Better fishin never know unless you go...

Raced back to where I had fish on my last trip

2 casts and Tom hooks a nice schoolie

Finally broke the ice...better late...

Only picked away at fish for the rest of the time

Missing half of the single light pick ups

Which weren't many.. But better than none

Managed one nicer one but not much action at all..??

That's fishing sometimes

Headed in just after mid tide (5')



5 short bass (16,18,20,24,26) so slow I remember every fishes size...

6-9 missed hits

1 mini mussel


- had a nice Moment talking with a Vet about My wifes GPa and how he repaired B-17 Bombers during WW2

- water was really dirty

- great day on the water but travel to and from had a slight HIc up

To: a school bus driver slammed his brakes on for a just bearly yellow light... I slammed mine on and narrowly escaped hitting the bus as veered right ending up next to him and car behind me just stopped shy of my Zuke prop..

From: I hit a huge pot hole at 30 that caused the trailer tire to jump up and crack the step fender nearly off..

Just another thing to fix.... Not a really a big deal, just annoying but could I just have one trip where is plain old boring......








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 05/15/2014 07:00 AM  

Shades,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,><((:> ~~~ ><(((:>


Joined: 05/06/2003
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 05/15/2014 02:08 PM  

ShadesShadesNice Pd. stay with the sure thing but in your case you will find the fish one way or the other........ShadesShades
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