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Date posted November 26, 2013 10:29 AM
Posted by tomjg
Report location New York > Western South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Well, wasn't sure whether I was going to fish last night but got home and it didn't seem to windy when I got out of my car. Figured I'd play it by ear. After dinner and getting my boy to bed I sat on the couch and figured there'd be plenty of couch sitting during the winter- so I grabbed my stuff and headed out. As soon as I got to the beach I realized the wind was indeed cranking. Stiff W, slightly SW wind. Surf conditions were excellent and the tide was just starting to come in. I had a bottle on and on my first cast my leader snapped. UGGGG. I didn't lose my whole rig- just the bottle and clip. Never had that happen before- should have check my leader. I waited for about 15 minutes to see if I could find the bottle come in- didn't happen. So- retied and decided to go with the biggest plug I had- a big bottle given to me by Ihavegills. Heaved it out all of 60 feet. No weeds- I'm in business. Worked a few casts on the open beach - distance wasn't going to happen so I headed over to work the pockets by the jetties. 1st jetty, nice rips along the jetty I worked the big plug for not a tap. With the wind the way it was , the only shot I'd have is if something was in close to the beach. Walked up to my second stop starting to question my decision to leave the couch- the wind was relentless. I decided that this would be my last stop , i'd take a few casts and have the wind blow me home. I got to the jetty and on my first cast I had a nice knockdown but didn't hook up. Immediate change of plans. I was now out for the duration. Worked that jetty feverishly for a while for no more hits. Walked west for a couple more jetties but not another tap. Fished my way home and wrapped it up around 10:30. The 2 1/2 hours in the relentless wind really kicked my a**. Will give it another go tonight. Not looking for schoolies- hoping some big fish are swimming around . Late November into December has been very good to me the last few years- here's hoping it stays true to form this year.

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 11/27/2013 11:19 AM  

Hopefully this article air we've had won't stick around too long and can hit it hard the next few weeks. upup thanks for the report Tom.

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