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Date posted November 23, 2013 10:16 PM
Posted by SJS56
Report location New York > Central South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Me and my son, who was home from college, fished first light until 10:am. Two hundred fishermen, hooking a few rats brave enough to run the gauntlet. We threw diamond jigs with a tube and a teaser like almost everyone else, and like almost everyone else we caught squat. Then a fisherman to our right began to hook up, cast after cast. Again, nothing big, but bigger than nothing. Finally, after his sixth or seventh in a row, I pocketed my pride and walked over to ask him what he was using. Tom could not have been more accommodating. He took the time to explain in detail his rig, which was a lead head light colored soft bait with a similar teaser. I returned to my son, took out something I had in my bag that was close, and instantly began to hook up. What could have been a freezing cold skunk turned into a fun morning with my boy, catching beautiful little stripers. Thank you Tom. It's always a pleasure to talk to a pro, and a gentleman.

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 11/24/2013 09:34 AM  

Was it a rubber sand eel type of bait or something different?
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