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Date posted November 21, 2013 9:57 AM
Posted by tomjg
Report location New York > Western South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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After Monday night's weed out and Tuesday night's forced night off- I planned on getting that lonnnggggg session in last night. Tried to get my wife to make our dinner cook faster while I played with my boy, ate, played some more with my boy and was out my door a little after 8 and practically running down to the beach. It was an awesome night weather wise- no wind - I was actually overdressed, never even bothered putting my gloves on.

Surf looked pretty good- the kind of surf where I could fish anything from a small bucktail to a big swimmer. Some breakers but calm between them. If there were no weeds, I knew I was in for a great night fishing and felt that if there were any fish around I'd be in for a great night catching.

I had a bottle on from my last night out so figured I'd just start with that and go from there. Heaved it out passed the breaker and no weeds. SWEET! Worked the open beach for a while for no hits. After about a half an hour I went to start on the jetties. Worked some great looking water on my first jetty for nothing. Threw a few casts in between the jetties as I walked to the next. Nothing. Worked the east side of my next stop with the bottle and after about 15 minutes decided to go to a needle. Walked up to put it on and noticed someone on the west side of the jetty , just up on the beach. I wanted to work that side but didn't know if it was a fisherman changing plugs or just someone hanging on the beach. I didn't want to drop in on the spot if he was working it so started walking up to see if it was a fisherman. As I got closer ( no glasses on) I noticed the rod- I asked if he had any luck and I didn't hear his response- he asked if I had any and i said not yet and asked him again- he said yeah- I just landed that! I looked down and he had a hell of a fish on the beach. He was an older guy, and he was understandably excited. He kept telling me how great the fight was. Fish looked like it was pushing 40" and fat as hell. Beautiful fish! Congrats to the fisherman. He said it took a Yozuri something or other. It looked like the fish totally swallowed whatever it was and the guy cut the line. Awesome fish and it got my adrenaline pumping even more. Maybe too much as when I started fishing again I caught myself kind of rushing everything. Now I knew there was at least one big fish around and I figured there had to be others. Here's where I'll just shorten the story up- I was wrong. I fished my way all the way to my old haunts about 2 miles away trying everything in bag. I threw SP minnows, bottle plugs, big swimmers, bucktails, rubber eels, rubber sand eels, needle fish and my go to bombers. Not a single tap. Halfway back home I decided to just stick with the needle and fish my way home. At exactly the 4 hour mark I had my first hit of the night-- in tight to a jetty. At first I thought i had a decent fish the way it hit and started to fight but quickly realized just a solid schoolie (quick pic and released but left my phone home today so no pic to post). That got me to slow down a bit and take a few more casts at each jetty as I worked my way home. At the 5 hour mark that was still my only hit and it was passed 1 am . My boy gets up at around 5am every morning looking for a bottle and that means I get up at 5am ,so figured I should call it a night. The 5 hour session felt like an hour. I was right about the great night fishing but wrong about the great night catching. I'll take it though.(Although I couldn't help wondering if I didn't spend the time fishing the open beach at the start of the night - would I have landed that nice fish?) Congrats to the guy with the fish - she was a beaut.

Back at it tonight.

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Joined: 06/26/2005
Posts: 539
 11/21/2013 03:56 PM  

Nice report
An enjoyable read


Joined: 08/20/2008
Posts: 11833
Location: Bayside
 11/21/2013 04:05 PM  

Thanks for the report. Always good to hear you getting into fish. Keep it up. upup

In Apple We Trust.
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Joined: 12/10/2005
Posts: 475
 11/21/2013 04:26 PM  

What if...

you were into fish, and your boy still wakes you up at 5am. When would you call it a night?

Joined: 11/01/2012
Posts: 308
Location: Landlocked on LI
 11/21/2013 05:50 PM  

That's easy, 4:40 am. Smile

Way to persevere, Tom.

>< ) ) ) )*> ~ •The tug is my drug• >< ) ) ) )*> ~

Joined: 04/03/2010
Posts: 138
 11/21/2013 06:35 PM  

Nice report buddy, last year if I remember correctly we were into some good size fish after thanks giving...

Joined: 07/02/2012
Posts: 51
 11/21/2013 10:52 PM  


Joined: 10/23/2003
Posts: 1040
Location: Brooklyn
 11/22/2013 09:28 AM  


Nice to hear an old timer get his. Sorry you weren't able to get into a few big ones. You know the deal. I'm out tonight too Smile


Joined: 09/24/2001
Posts: 11
Location: Island Park, NY
 11/23/2013 09:18 PM  

I miss the beach

I moved from island park. To Baltimore in July.....I used to do quite a bit of surf fishing and wrote to you a few years ago. No more local surf for me please keep those great reports coming. Miss those rod-bending hits. Be well and continued good hunting. Steve

Joined: 12/08/2012
Posts: 4501
 12/31/2013 03:02 PM  


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