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Date posted May 9, 2013 9:54 AM
Posted by DuceRok
Report location New York > Western South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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I don't usually post unless there's a funny story to it. Here it goes- Went out quickly last night and snagged a couple of fresh bunker. Then I hoofed over to a cut on the backside of a point, outgoing tide. Casted a head out into the cut. Slight birds nest. I start pulling line back off the reel to pop the loop out and line breaks. I have the end piece (hook line) in my hand and my heart starts pounding because I know there are fish here. I tie off the hook line to a guide on the rod while I get the nest out. Then I feel a bass pick up the head. OHH SH!T DROP IT PLEASE.. Fish drops it. Thank God.. Then I said F'it I cut the line off the guide and tie a shitty knot to the line on the reel and then reel it in quickly. Sorted out the mess and set up again with a chunk this time because the other fish didn't seem interested in the head. 2 minutes in, and a fish on at 15pounds. Threw her back and then threw a head out. A Bluefish chomped the gills off the head and then the bite was dead. The bite must have been earlier than I expected so i'll be back there tonight 2 hours earlier.

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 05/09/2013 12:46 PM  

Great story. If you would have connected with that bass...or even argument sake, blue (I know not fond of heads) would have snapped your rod tip. YIKES. nice going on the release. All this rain should make for an interesting next few days. Good luck out there. Keep it up. FISH HARD, TIGHT LINES.

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