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Date posted October 6, 2012 9:23 AM
Posted by AllyKat
Report location New York > North Shore > I I I I
Fishing method Boat
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The day finally arrived, and the weather couldn't have been any better..the only problem was...WORK!!!

Chomping at the bit all mmorning, checking the wind, the waves, the tide...I couldn't take it anymore! I finished what I had to do, and took off like it was some [email protected] summer friday.

Called up Ryan, and he went to Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle for a few dozen green crabs along with a pint of asians.

After prepping the boat, Ryan, Rob and myself launched around 3:30. We were greeted to a flat calm LI Sound.

Went to a spot and found old bud Smedfish already anchored up. A quick Steve O! to see how it was early in the outgoing, and we anchored up nearby.

Lines in as we were just off the spot, but figuring the building current will put us where we wanted. Life started to show within 10 minutes..little taps turned into bigger taps, and finally a few tugs.

Suddenly, Rob was doubled over with his light setup as he said he had a nice fish on. I set down my rod and grabbed the net. Slowly he gained line, as the fish took drag. Before long, the light gray monster appeared through the gin clear water...WHOA..nice BIG TOG was fighting to get away..I slipped the net under when the awful spash and snap occured as Rob tumbled backwards...NO!!!!!! Somehow the line broke, not sure if it was chaffed, or a sharp part of the net did us in, but regardless, an easy 20 inch 'chin swam away.

After apologies, figuring, rerigging and regrouping, we were back at it. I was up next with the first keeper of the day. We didn't bother with the net as we Rob just flipped the 17 incher onboard.

A few large porgies that we didnt keep kept us busy throughout the afternoon. I mangaed another just keeper at 16 inches, along with all three of us unable to land the occasional big hits..the ones that are hooked up for just a second, and we knew were good fish. As soon as the sun disappeared, so did the fish.

Overall, just those two keeper along with a handfull of shorts made for a good opening day...would've been great if we had the ONE THAT GOT AWAY!!!!

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