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Date posted September 5, 2012 10:50 AM
Posted by trafik
Report location New York > North Shore > LIS Really Late Report
Fishing method Boat
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Its been so long since I actually had anything to report I almost forgot to post this report of a nice mixed bag trip I had.

Sat 9/1 5AM to Noon.

While checking the trailer/boat before driving, I found the transom mount for the transducer busted and dangling. Not the best way to start a bottom fishing trip!

Early morning launch out of Port Jeff at low tide required a little assistance from the motor to get clear of the bunks. Would have been there an hour earlier but for my late guest.

Cleared the harbor at 5:15 and on our spot by 6:00. Found our drift and dropped the anchor but by the time we settled, I had missed the spot by a good amount. I was thinking of resetting but noticed the set was changing and shifting us in the right direction.

After 10 minutes, we were spot on and in the stick with fish on immediately. A couple Cbass came up but they were just a bit too small. Unfortunately, our time over the spot didn't last as the changing wind blew us too far past the spot and we had to reset. Sum total on the first set was a couple chopper blues, a couple short Cbass and a keeper Cbass.

The strangest fly swarm arrived and at some point we had 50 or so flies milling about. We ran at hi speed to lose them, reset, and they eventually came back.

On the second set we had more of the same in very concentrated areas. Once off those areas, there was nothing or maybe a Blue. I figure the blues were prowling and keeping the porgy and cbass hiding.

At one point I had what felt like another chopper that turned out to be my best fluke of the season at a really fat 23"!

Once the flies started biting we decided to drift a bit and while we got hooked up alot, we lost most to the structure and fast drift.

The current started ripping and we packed it in to return by Noon.

The final count of fish retained was 2 Cbass (nothing huge), 3 enormous porgy, a 23" fluke, and a single cocktail blue.

1/4 mile from the ramp, the oil pressure light started flashing. What now? Since the RPM's didn't limit and the motor didn't shut down I limped it in at idle. Turns out it was only the 100 hour reminder! Whew. Only 1 thing broken this trip!

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Joined: 03/25/2003
Posts: 39977
Location: Farmingdale
 09/05/2012 11:28 AM  

Nothing worse then those dam flies. I always carry spray in my bag.

Hey, it can't be Christmas everyday!!!!

Joined: 04/15/2005
Posts: 2352
Location: Huntington
 09/05/2012 02:43 PM  

YOU SAID CB! Flies BAD!!!!!down
Once we ran half way across sound to get away!

Huntington Angler's Club

Joined: 05/06/2003
Posts: 6754
Location: Kings Park
 09/05/2012 03:00 PM  

ShadesWe had the flies last Saturday also west of you........MadMadMad

Joined: 05/28/2003
Posts: 6881
Location: Saint James
 09/05/2012 03:39 PM  

Flies have been brutal this year. down

Nice job on the fluke up

~Piker MacGyver, Noreast Piker ~ Never left

Joined: 06/09/2003
Posts: 2193
Location: Port: Stony Brook
 09/06/2012 10:57 AM  

It was odd that they weren't at the shore at all though.

Joined: 02/04/2006
Posts: 29505
Location: Raritan Bay NY
 09/09/2012 12:53 PM  

Koz54 wrote:

Flies have been brutal this year. down

Nice job on the fluke up

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