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Date posted August 18, 2012 8:21 PM
Posted by hooksalot
Report location New York > Montauk > MONTAUK!
Fishing method Boat
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Made my first trip to montauk this morning..Went out on the viking with my bro Dave and big D. From the first drop it was porgy and C Bass city..Those porgies were big I mean really big..Please excuse the lack of photos..I was tired and it rain on us practically the whole trip..I got no sleep!Tight lines guy's and gal's!

Only the begining!

Me my bro and big D.

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Joined: 08/20/2008
Posts: 11833
Location: Bayside
 08/18/2012 09:11 PM  

Them buckets and cooler look pretty good to me upup Seems like you gentleman had a great outing, and on a good boat too. Sucks it rained but any day fishing is better then not fishing. Great report. Keep it up. FISH HARD, TIGHT LINES

In Apple We Trust.
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Joined: 12/23/2006
Posts: 551
 08/18/2012 10:01 PM  

Nice going.Thats why we're fishing Sunday.Congrats!upup

"Don't worry,everything will be fine,you'll see"

Joined: 08/02/2006
Posts: 1638
Location: Castlehill
 08/19/2012 07:14 AM  

ty for shareing upup

Joined: 01/02/2009
Posts: 6610
Location: Bay ridge Brooklyn!
 08/19/2012 08:35 PM  

To tell you the truth guy's..My back and arm's hurt after that trip..But it was a good pain if you know what I mean...It's going on in montauk now...

Prowling the shore line's!

Joined: 12/10/2009
Posts: 5200
Location: A-team
 08/20/2012 03:31 AM  

Nice going gang up


Joined: 02/04/2006
Posts: 29505
Location: Raritan Bay NY
 08/20/2012 05:04 PM  

nice upup

Joined: 10/29/2011
Posts: 102
Location: Where The Big Bass Are
 09/02/2012 10:08 AM  

Good goingi
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