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Date posted August 2, 2012 6:58 PM
Posted by scupmaster
Report location New York > North Shore > Huntington 2 days
Fishing method Boat
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went out yest and today for some fluke action (sorta)


went out about 9 am for the end of the flood and start of the ebb...started off at sand city with a couple baits chopped in half and then saw a blitz..snagged one bunker and on it went to to see a blue DESTROY a hurt bunker and i went in for the ride on a penn 209 reel for some fun..and man was it fun ended up landing a 10 lb blue after about 5 mins had to keep him cuz he swallowed the hook deep and i mean very deep..didnt wanna keep looks like its blue dinner for us! did i mention it rained horrible in the bay but didnt rain in the sound! lol it was crazy so we dd a couple drifts at the OB for all robins..ended up with about 40 robins and 1 blue.


went out today and only fished sand city..made a couple drifts tight to the beach for a couple fluke to about 17.5 inches..also a lot of robins again..then we saw yet another blitz but this time the blue took half of the bunker and somehow the hook didnt set so back to fluking for a couple more fluke and robins

good to be on the water at least

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