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Date posted April 23, 2012 5:04 PM
Posted by DarkSkies
Report location New York > South Fork
Fishing method Surf
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Got a bass from the surf last night.

and Can Anyone take Big Man Fishing out East?

Late report, fished the South shore last night. Managed one 29 in bass. Dropped another in the same size class. Those were the only fish for the trip for me.

Wanted to give my Noreast Brothers an update on Big Man's status....

He had the surgery but the tumor is growing again.

It's already the size of a pea, and the prognosis is not great.

He told me his best wishes are to spend some time with his family, and also get in a few more fishing trips while he is able.

Is there anyone who lives near the Shinnecock area who might be able to take him to fish the bridge there?

It's his favorite place and he knows the tides cold.

I will be coming up there when the action is hottest in a month or so, but I live 85 miles away and it is tough right now for me to make that trip.

So I'm wondering if anyone could be able to help him out and take him there...

You can also PM him, but he might not answer right away.

Also, for those who have his #, a phone call may not work well....I have had to call him an average of 20 times to get him to respond to me....and I know him well. so that's the obstacles you will face...

That's why it's better to PM or E-mail him, as I know his wife reads these reports to him.

This cancer is a fight he may not win, and it's gotten to him big time. The chemo and radiation treatments are really taking a toll on him.

If there is any way someone can help by taking him to the bridge to fish and enjoy a few hours at night, it would mean so much to him...

And I know you long time noreast members know how much he has contributed to this community....any help at all would be appreciated...

And please don't get discouraged if he doesn't respond right away....he is not in a good space right now....

Thanks for all the support and love....


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