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Date posted July 18, 2011 6:41 PM
Posted by bigtunabunda
Report location New York > New York Bight > out there
Fishing method Boat
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Today I landed a 37 and 38 lb striped bass on live bunker. I also had another LARGER BASS straighten out a hook on a bunker snagger, but I did get a decent look at a very LONGGGGGG & LARGEEEEE Bass.

I've been an avid bass fisherman since 1997. I've NEVER had one straighten a hook on a snagger before. I had the drag on the spinning reel set pretty lightly too, for fear of ripping the hook out, or breaking off the bass due to bunker belly nicks in the line.

The first run that bass gave me seemed to go on forever. I thought we'd have to chase it with the boat! Finally the fish stopped and I got her turned. I had her coming and gained back allot of line just not enough. I saw her on top 30-40 ft behind the boat. UHG! Big fish don't just bend your hook straight, they break your heart.

Thankfully I was given 2 more chances for reprieve and all went right with the 2 beauties that came inside the boat.

We hooked up 3 other bass landing one of them. Surprisingly almost shockingly it was only a 28-30" fish? What was THAT doing there with those COWS????? 2 others were broken off and I didn't get a look at them. They were estimated as BIG though not as big as mine.

A great day was had by all. Rounded it out trying for some fluke only decking a few shorts that went back.

Thanks to my dear long time friend Capt.Ed Parker of the Karen Ann fleet for showing us a fantastic day! Pics to follow,....hopefully.

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 07/19/2011 05:41 PM  

Cant go wrong with the KarenAnn up
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