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Date posted July 16, 2011 6:33 PM
Posted by Leprechaun
Report location New York > Debs/Jones > Deep Drops
Fishing method Boat
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Posted for my good friend, Gary/Sinestra:

Finally a good Fluke day 6 keepers to 4 1/2 pounds, several other keepers lost right at the net and yours truly lost a fish that I guestimate was closer to 10 pounds than 5. I hooked up he shook his head violently (gave me the middle fin instead of middle finger)ran along the bottom against a fully cinched drag and gone. I was a little annoyed at that failure. I counted 5 F---me's in 5 seconds. In retrospect, I may have went a little small on the Gama baitholder I won't do that again.

Fishing on the ANado under Captain Dr. Andy who did a great job of plotting the numbers, changing drift angles with current and wind change made all the difference in my book- cause these fish until the afternoon were playing "hooky" you had to catch them they were not that cooperative.

All rigs worked for awhile but in the afternoon the relic from my father's past the 3 1/2 foot leadered hook from the sinker was really working well. I can still see the "old man' Rheingold beer in one hand a Camel cig in the other and holding the old Penn Mariner under his arm how did he catch like that?

I have a little variation of the typical 3 way fluke rig that works well for me. It is very simple to make essentially no hardware, never fouls almost never. Here is this simple thing:

1, tie a 75 Pound test barrel swivel to your braid

2. ties a 3 1/2 foot leader to the barrel

3. make a dropper about 9" below the barrel for your singer or big buctail or bullet

4. tie a serious baitholder hook to the end of the leader and add a nicer strip bait of your choice I happen to like the freshest squid possible.

The physics of this is smart the rig has little hardware and is direct to the line and the hook is not hanging off a 3 way or another loop. It is a very streamlined efficient affair and totally uncomplicated.

Take care and scale up those hooks in the deeper water 60-90" depths. As they say in the reports "go deep for the jumbos" I would add and "stay at the rail and pay attention to what is and is not working that day Gary of the Sinestra

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