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Date posted June 29, 2011 10:30 AM
Posted by denw72
Report location New York > Western Sound > another great night in the kayak
Fishing method Boat
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carl and i launched a around 7:30pm. We trolled through the boulders with not much action carl got a decent size blue that hit his tube and took it airborn lol lots of worm stealin porgies we ended up using tiny pieces of worm just to try and keep it on the hook, by the end of the night i was using small crappy bits of worms but man did they work lol As soon as the sun started setting the fish turned on with swirls all around. I had a 26" when i was going over to carl who had a double header going on 2 tubes lol than i lost a fish about 27" and another one about 31" next to the kayak. Carl had a few fish and than it seem to slow down a bit. But when it got dark i got hammered rippin line out like crazy finally got it in a nice fat 36.5" bass! carl got nailed to and got a nice fat 38.5" bass. We saw some lightening to the north and it was getting late so we started to troll back in...than all around us fish swirling splashing popping everywhere i ended up with another nice fish about 34" released of course and carl had a few more fish. If we stayed and fished for longer we probably would have had an even better night but it was late and it was time to go. Can't wait to go back there on the flood again here are some pics. Oh all fish caught on KAYAK CARLS TROLLING TUBES of course ;)

bass in the lap


carls 38.5"

Captain Michael Potts
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Joined: 02/01/2005
Posts: 123
Location: Toms River
 06/29/2011 10:49 AM  

Great Job! Where you get those night lights at? I also fish from a Hobie Kayak down south Jersey but never at night just to scare of the dark!

Tight Lines!

Joined: 05/03/2009
Posts: 763
Location: ¿ <°)))))><
 06/29/2011 10:50 AM  

nice !! great job upup

Everyone should believe in something; We believe we'll go fishing

Joined: 08/30/2007
Posts: 1287
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
 06/29/2011 11:01 AM  

thanks guys those are called visipole lights you should be able to get them at any kayak or hobie dealer...if not, def online Wink night time is the best time for fishin!!!Shades

heres the link for the lights:

Member of Kayak Fishing Association of New York

This post edited by denw72 11:11 AM 06/29/2011

Joined: 06/18/2011
Posts: 124
 06/29/2011 11:19 AM  

great report gents nice fish upup

¿ <°)))))><

Joined: 04/05/2011
Posts: 114
Location: Queens - MTK
 06/29/2011 11:48 AM  


Thanks for the report...and the link...just picked one up!! safe out ther

Joined: 09/12/2004
Posts: 129
 06/29/2011 03:00 PM  

nice report, you kayak guys are a special breed. Regardless i do slow the CupcakeII down when I see you out there. Now if you had sails on them, that might be a differnet story. TL

This post edited by 2mikecjr 05:59 PM 06/29/2011

Joined: 06/22/2008
Posts: 156
 06/29/2011 03:56 PM  


Joined: 08/30/2007
Posts: 1287
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
 06/29/2011 04:56 PM  

thanks for slowing down your cupcake lol waves don't bother me at all it's the whole getting run over thing that bothers meWink but being where we were last night a boat wouldn't dare go in there especially at nightShades what happened tonyzfishin you deleted 3 of your own posts? lol

Member of Kayak Fishing Association of New York

Joined: 05/29/2004
Posts: 207
Location: All Over NY
 06/29/2011 11:18 PM  




Joined: 03/29/2009
Posts: 1213
 06/30/2011 12:38 AM  

Great report Dennis & Carl. Soem guys feel the T&W bite dies at night, I guess you proved that theory wrong. Even with the cinder worm hatch that's supposed to be happening where you were, you prevailed.

Did you by any chance see any cinder worms?

you said the bass were swirling, and that might have indicated feeding on worms on the surface. Great report, WTG. up

Joined: 08/30/2007
Posts: 1287
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
 06/30/2011 10:20 AM  

yeah i bet thats what it was because there were fish everywhere but limited hook ups. Lots of slurping on the surface...

Member of Kayak Fishing Association of New York
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