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Date posted June 27, 2011 8:38 AM
Posted by Koz54
Report location New York > North Shore > Smithtown Bay
Fishing method Boat
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My original plan was to get out yesterday at about 5:00AM to catch the last of the incoming for some fluke. The incoming has been hot! I looked out my window at 4:00AM and saw some fog. Maybe that fog was inside my head as I went to sleep after a fun beach party only a couple of hours before; so I decided to get some more sleep.

Took the pooch down for his morning beach walk at 7:00 and the fog was practically non existent. I took him home and went back to the boat. I got out about 8:15 and headed over to Cranes to look for some sea bass. Felt the need to mix it up a little bit, and get something different for the table. Slightly unconventional, but I don't like setting the hook while aboard alone so I just did short drifts over 'the spot'.

Not much wind of current so that made it easy. Lots of hits and I hooked up with a nice 15" sea bass by 9:00 AM. I tried one more quick drift but I felt the flatties calling me so I headed west.

The bite was good, but mostly shorts, and I mean REAL short. The 'quality' shorts did not seem to be around.

I picked through the shorts and managed two keepers. One measured 20.562", and the other was 21". Then the bite died off. I headed back towards Cranes to see if anything was happening there.

The 'quality' shorts were in the area. Several nice 19"-20" fish caught. One really nice flattie was lost boat side. He pulled deep and hard and felt fat. I got him up to the surface and saw he inhaled my bucktail. I let off the pressure a little bit as I reached for the net.

He was lying calmly on the surface (unlike most of those shorts, those little guys were feisty!) Just as I leaned over and was about to slide the net into the water he shook his head and was gone. He took the Spro with him. His teeth must have cut the fluro just above the Spro. He looked like a nice 5+ pound fish too.

I tried a few more short drifts as they seemed to be quite localized, all I could manage was some more 'quality' shorts. I did catch my new VHF antenna. ([email protected]) The old one was a little 3' one that never got in the way. This new 8' one works great, but apparently I forgot it was there when I did my classic 'flip over the shoulder' light cast the rig caught it and wrapped around it.

Now I installed it with the old swivel bracket, but tightened it up so much that I had to climb into the cabin and get a couple of wrenches to lower it so I can reclaim my rig.

Headed back in just as it got a little cloudy. It was a spectacular sunny day and great to be out!

1 sea bass and 2 fluke was it on the day.

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 06/27/2011 09:07 AM  

very nice Koz - gotta get out for some fluke


"....inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened??"
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