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Date posted June 25, 2011 9:28 PM
Posted by smk379
Report location New York > Central South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Got out of work early today, hit the road at noon. Stopped at my favorite tackleshop(Causeway) because im in the middle of upgrading all my cheap gear that I bought, and replaced a few times during my first season last year. Picked up an aquaskinz plug bag, small so I couldn't overload it. Also bought a new wading belt and new set of pliers (pline). Hit the surf at 1. Went to a spot that I fish often and always catch fish. This time though, after doing research on the internet, I walked right past it and walk aways to unfamiliar but promising territory. It paid off. Caught a half dozen blues on a17 and a27s. Switched to a popper in an effort to try and get away from the small fiesty blues and have a shot at a bass. Caught a half dozen more and then I saw it. That unmistakable Striper swipe at my popped, a hard knock from a tail hit, very little splash, and a bigggg swirl. My second cast back to the same area converted to a 27" bass. Boy did that make me happy. There's just something about fishing new waters on your own and catching fish that I love. Went on to catch a few more blues and then had to attend to other business. All the blues were pretty small though, smallest I've seen all year. I must have missed atleast 20 hits on the popper and tins combined because they were just so small, but fun indeed. Didnt catch anything big, but had a decent size grin on my face on the walk back. Water was clear, little weeds, se wind in my face at 15 mph, lotttttssss of white water and decent surf. 1 to 7 pm(last of incoming and half out outgoing).

blue on tin

alll day

not big, but enough to make this trip a succes for me

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Joined: 05/17/2002
Posts: 10729
Location: Somewhere around the Norwalk Islands
 06/26/2011 06:35 PM  

Nice report

I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother but to fight my greatest enemy -myself.

Joined: 10/11/2010
Posts: 48
 06/26/2011 07:20 PM  

excellent report... haven't been using A27's in a while but been getting clam mauled like crazy... tight lines

Joined: 10/14/2006
Posts: 421
Location: Nassau County
 06/26/2011 07:51 PM  

Sounds like a nice day fishing!

Joined: 08/30/2007
Posts: 1287
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
 06/27/2011 10:31 AM  

nice day!! next time a bass whacks your popper but doesn't hook up let the popper sit fro a second or 2 than give it a pop usually the bass is still there and will slam it on that follow up pop!!

Member of Kayak Fishing Association of New York

Joined: 07/08/2008
Posts: 30
Location: NY
 06/27/2011 10:45 AM  

I love days like that, Good for you man!! Nice report

Joined: 10/06/2010
Posts: 502
Location: In the surf
 06/28/2011 06:49 PM  

denw72 wrote:

let the popper sit fro a second or 2 than give it a pop

Ill try that next time, I just continued my cast as normal and it took two more casts to elicit a strike. Thanks!

Searching for 82 lbs.
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