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Date posted June 7, 2011 11:09 AM
Posted by tonyzfishin
Report location New York > Fire Island > Ocean
Fishing method Boat
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Ran out to the inlet by 4am and ran down to Gilgo and was into bunker immediately, first snagged bunker I let run and was picked off right away by a nice bass,fought him to the boat were he was kind enough to spit my hook so right back into the pod I went and got me another which i reeled in and sent on his way on his way to the bottom with on a 3way rig and within minutes he was taken by a nice fish that again found its way off my hook, so being a little pissed I moved on and found another pod by then the fleet was out and about so I snagged a few more for the well and sent another down to the bottom were a nice 22lber grabbed it fought him to the boat took a shot and let him go, had a nice whale breech about 20 yards off my bow figuring he would scare off the bass I moved to water a little deeper were I snagged another bunker and let him swim outside the school were a nice 24lber grabbed him, keeped him for the table,it was just acres and acres of bunker with very little fish on them once the boat traffic picked up and the sun was high so I called it a day and headed back in.

There''s a whale in there somewhere



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