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Date posted May 30, 2011 2:45 PM
Posted by emuehlbauer
Report location New York > North Fork
Fishing method Surf
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So I just got back from Memorial Day weekend. Can't exactly report stellar fishing. My son hit both the Sound and the bay Sat. morning, for nothing- not even a hit at either location. He was shocked to see nobody in the parking lot at the Sound, so he knew things must be dead there. I got out for Sat evening.....fished the bay. Fished til past sunset, loved the thick at times I couldn't see my son at the other end of the beach. However, totally, totally dead. Not a tap, despite a great moving incoming tide. went back at midnight to try bunker chunks in the outgoing...finally, after an hour, on my almost last piece, I got a run. Whatever it was fought really well, taking out line several times before spitting out the bait, which was nearly intact- so I guess it wasn't a bluefish. Just as well....the line would have probably popped anyway, which it did when I cast out my last bait. Turned out, when I inspected the rod next day, that there is a nick in the top guide, which was fraying the line. At least I got the benefit of a good fight, and a spit out bait is less frustrating than popped line...but a circle hook should hold. At dawn, still dead...terns diving for silversides. Finally got a fish after an hour- a blue, about 2.5 lbs. Thoughtfully let go of the lure when I brought it ashore, and was gently released. Tried a few more casts in the afternoon outgoing, but gave up quickly...too many people, and no fish anyway. My son is still out there....I'm assuming the same luck applies, as I haven't heard from him. Still, it was great being out there.

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 05/30/2011 08:35 PM  

up Keep at it. Fish are coming soon.

Thats why we call it fishing and we enjoy fishing and go back for more fishing.

Imagine if we went out and automatically caught fish every time. It will be boring and we would hate catching!

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