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Date posted January 11, 2011 5:37 PM
Posted by togilator
Report location New York > Montauk > Capt.Marc.Block Island cod update
Fishing method Boat
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Well I luckily made it south of Block again in some frigid temps and was not dissapointed.I joined in on a Capt.marc split charter as my friend Timmy was a man down and begged me to come.Since I didn't want to see him get stiffed I obliged .

Looked to me the fish moved a bit east and a little deeper 100 feet.I think the fleet was on the spring spot.All the Montauk PBs had good crowds on them,RI boats looked to have more room at the rail.I DID SEE WHAT LOOKED TO BE THE FAMOUS MODERN DAY ANGLER CHRIS KONKOL UP IN THE PULPIT OF THE LADY FRANCES SWINGING HIS LAV JIGS,AND HE APPEARED TO BE CATCHING.None of the boats were over crowded and I noticed all the customers spread out nicely around the boat.

The fish were not as agressive as 9 days ago but if you figured out how to work a jig you were rewarded with many fish.The fish wanted small pops like bucktailing for fluke,those who used this method caught very well.The dog fish moved off a ways and I didn't see one all day .Bait fishing was effective and if you left one fish down there and waited for another you had two.I felt jigging definatly still had an edge,fish were stuffing them selves with herring.No where near as much bait around today,didn't snag 1 mack or herring all day.We didnt arrive to false dawn,I did here of a pick during the dark.We didn't get anything on our early drifts,but once the sun poked over the horizon it was game on.

I did not touch clam for a 2nd trip in a row wich is so sweeeeeet,You actually don't stink like rotten fish when you get home .My jig of choice were 6 and 8 oz.George Kellar Norwegian hammered jigs dresed with pink or chartreuse and orange skirts with the same color 6 inch curly tail teasers.Hammered and smooth diamond jigs woked equally as well,plain or dressed.MORE IMPORTANT THEN THE JIG WAS TO WIRK IT WITH SHORT POPS.I noticed several guys in the fleet giving the long sweeping lift,which just wasn't nearly as effective.There were some schools of bigger fish around as we were able to land a few 10 lbers,but most were of the 22 to 28 inch variety.The bite was from sun up to around 11:15 am or so when we ran for the barn with tripple plus limits released,retaining what we needed.

The bIte is on and the people are starting to come,I will be working my way around the Montauk Party boat fleet next.Need to see many of the great Captains and mates I have met over the years.Book your spot a favorite boat next good weather day and get SOUTH OF BLOCK and enjoy The great fishing.

Many thanks to Capt Marc Marose for an outstanding Job and Timmy his chief mate that broke his back all day.Any one looking for a good 6 pack operation for cod give them a call.

Sorry no pics again.

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 01/11/2011 07:18 PM  

OUTSTANDING REPORT ROB!!!!!!up i need all the ammo. possibleSmileSmile i am heading out there sat. ONCE AGAIN TY VERY MUCH
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