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Date posted December 1, 2010 11:31 AM
Posted by togilator
Report location New York > New York Bight > Marilyn Jean Toggin with Capt.Richie
Fishing method Boat
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Took a ride into the bay,have not been down ther since october.I new there has been a qualty tog pick going on,with big boys starting to chew.Joined good friends Bucktail Bob and Timmy with 3 others.

Cleared the inlet a little late due to fuel delivery that the entire fleet was getting.As soon as we poked our nose 1/2 way out we were greeted with solid 3 to 5s that got bigger as we went through Ambrose and Sandy Hook channels.Capt.Richie said we may have to make each chew count as he won't be able to move around much.He picked an area in 70' that has been producing and he had 2 more spots within a 1/4 mile for just in case.

Well I have been fishing on the little MJ for 5 years now,but first time with Capt.Richie.I knew he was one of th best in the bay for stripebass.Anyway throwing live buker to bass is a lot different then spreading to anchors in 4 to 7 foot seas for tog.Capt.Richie quickly proved he had what it takes and nailed us rite on top of the piece in one shot.Not muched happened for the first hour other than some perch and small life and then they came.First fish was about 9lbs.don't remeamber who caught it though.We started a pick of quality tog as the seas built.Unfortunately we had 3 guys suffereing from SEASICKNESS.They were troopers and stayed at the rail for most of it and never complained.We picked away for about 3 1/2 hours and had about 30 plus keeper tog retaining our limit of 24.Some of the best quality I have seen with Timmy getting the biggst which was around 10 plus.There were quite a few 8 and 9 lbers in the mix and almost every fish was over 4 lbs that we kept.Bucktail Bob and Timmy did the most damage with everybody else catching a few,Yours truly could not get his timing down with the seas and tap,tap but managed 3 5 pounders.Sometime around 1pm with 2 guys looking like they were going to die we called it qits and took a slow steam in.There were some big walls of water on the ocean with some sets coming through in the 8 foot plus range.The little MJ as always handled the fine.

Many Thanks to Capt Richie for giving us a great day of togging in less than ideal conditions.He definatly knows TOG in my book and I would fish with him again in an instant.The mate CJ was awesome and always there with out asking for help,wich shows he cares.Another one for the memmory books.This is the time that the Teen size tog come out to play.Theres 3 weeks left,get on the MJ if you want some,and hope to see you on the chunk.

Intense Timmy

The group.

Some fine Tog!

Bucktail Bob with a few pigs!!!

The 36''downeaster Marilyn Jean

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 12/01/2010 12:44 PM  

Wow Rough Seas and you stuck it out and was rewarded Shadesup

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