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Date posted November 10, 2010 10:18 PM
Posted by bigtunabunda
Report location New York > Western Sound > all over
Fishing method Boat
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It was

"supposed to be" North today was ended up NE, which SUCKED! I headed out from Queens around 7:30 AM, still blowing with high hopes of things improving.

Rounded the left @ T neck Br. and headed east into rough surf. Since it was rockin & rolling I hoped the fish would bite on one of my good local drops here to the west, BUT it was wind against tide!!!Not only did it take a good while to anchor on the piece right but NO LIFE!!!

Went to spot # 2 along the way still hoping that I wouldn't have to run as far a Rye in these conditions. there we had 4 shorts at least wind & tide were together but not much going on, AND I lost my marker buoy!

SO...I gave in. I WANTED to catch some tog! I went to Rye. We were rewarded. Not with a fantastic catch , we didn't even limit for the 1st time this fall, but there was life had quite a few shorts, and managed to connect with 6 keepers ALL on jigs as usual. Catch of the day was my 22" 8 lb 12 oz beauty. She was short for her weight, SUPER FAT, giant HEAD barrel O Tog!!!!

8 3/4 lb tog on 3/8 oz jig & 1/2 green & light spining gear

22" 8 lbs 12 oz barrel o tog

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Joined: 03/30/2003
Posts: 4425
 11/11/2010 12:10 AM  

up awesome ! Toungue


Joined: 02/06/2009
Posts: 1055
Location: Greenlawn,NY
 11/11/2010 05:55 AM  

a nice fat oneup good jobShades

hunting/fishing/chevy trucks/harley-davidson

Joined: 12/10/2001
Posts: 451
Location: Bronx
 11/11/2010 06:15 AM  

Nice going Kenny.I had a hard time going east after striking out at Huckleberry but it was worth it.


Joined: 11/06/2005
Posts: 40
 11/11/2010 06:25 AM  


Good Job Kenny, unfortunately I am done for the season. The boat got hauled yesterday, glad to see somebody is still out there getting them. Keep hauling em!!!!

Joined: 04/24/2002
Posts: 5384
 11/11/2010 06:56 AM  

Nice going. I didn't do so well. Had life but got cut of twice and ran out of 5/8 jigs. Couldn't connect with the 2oz ers.
Back to Hudson Park B&T for me.

Joined: 05/06/2003
Posts: 6754
Location: Kings Park
 11/11/2010 06:59 AM  

You sure stayed on looking for the bite and sounds like you were rewarded. Real; nice job......Tight Lines Capt.. ShadesShadesupupup
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