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Date posted November 6, 2010 2:36 PM
Posted by bigtunabunda
Report location New York > Western Sound > Rye & other places
Fishing method Boat
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Got out yesterday Fri. Nov. 5th

Went up to Rye,...tried one of my MAIN shallow spots that had been SOOOO GOOD to me in October. Still life there, but SLOWWWWW,....picked 5 keepers on that piece and new friend "Law" (short for Lawrence) or a.k.a...Exodus -(N.E.),..broke off a GOOD fish there. Never saw it, it just sliced the line on a rock. But I could see it was definitely a Jabloney by the way the rod bent and drag screamed.

Short relocation to spot # 2, found a NARLEY piece of structure on a drop off in the same vicinity with lots of life marked on it. At first we sat there right on the edge of a ledge with big boulders, slow getting it started but, a couple shorts, then the I dropped down and the jig got light instantly,...snap! Busted off in the rockage! Dropped down again, another cookie cutter keeper. Dropped down again, the jig swam again, snap! Same thing! both of my break offs felt like bigger tog the way the jig just got light and bang busted off! They were chewing good every time I dropped down now, but the piece was nasty sticky.

All of sudden the wind switched more west and we were pushed further and further off of it to the east. Still getting bergal life the whole time and few more short tog.I was thinking about trying to rehook on the piece or putting out the 2nd anchor but it was so sticky and we kept loosing gear, the clock was ticking, and my partner was kinda inexperienced and not having the greatest time of it on this piece, SO...

I elected to begin the run back west toward home with 2 or 3 spots to potentially hit along the way. The 1st of them always provided me with consistent action and I'd caught enough good fish there over the years. I sat deeper than I had my marker buoy rigged is using the buoy was OUT cuz I was too lazy to add more line to it. I put the 1st hook down and just missed hitting the piece right wind was pushing harder than I anticipated.

I dropped the 2nd hook and still couldn't hit it just right. I was distracted by my wife calling and aggravating me with wifey non sense BS while I'm trying to set up & fish, I was so pissed I couldn't think straight and I just gave up on the spot.

I went to the next piece which was bit more shallow, had my buoy ready for, and has always been good to me in the past. I got on it almost immediately. Marked right on the sweet spot w the buoy and worked out an anchoring glitch quick enough to still hit it just right. It turned out to be disappointing. Life was slow, wind against tide,....3 more keepers ORL,....called it a day.

Action was ALL on jigs and greens all day. Nothing on Asians. I wished I just fished the last spot in the AM when wind & tide would've been together there, I think they'd have bit well, OR got on the deeper spot earlier in the day. But se la vie! Another day!

Law had only caught one other keeper TOG in his life before yesterday by accident from a pier, so he had 3 nice ones himself, I ended the day with 6 ORL. NOT my best day, NOT my worst, and good day for LAW. Just wish I could've shown Law a few bigger fish, ... next time.

Sadly for was the 1st trip this year that I didn't catch a fish 5 lbs or better, and I kind of expected some. We'll get em next time hopefully.

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 11/06/2010 03:22 PM  

Doesnt sound bad to me.

Alot better than NOT getting out.

Fried my starter this to be me.

Nice jobup

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Joined: 05/19/2008
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Location: Mamaroneck
 11/06/2010 08:02 PM  

I was distracted by my wife calling and aggravating me with wifey non sense BS while I'm trying to set up & fish,

Now that's funnyToungue Been there, done that.

"This shark, swallow you whole."

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 11/09/2010 05:20 PM  

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