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Date posted August 19, 2010 9:56 PM
Posted by killatoyota4569
Report location New York > Fire Island > All Around
Fishing method Surf
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Hey guys back again. Some have been asking me why i have no reports so here is another from today.....

Took my buddies out for some fishing. Was a beautiful hot day,, very little wind.... Then it changed from the South at about 10-15 knots and the tide was outgoing then we got all the incoming....

We were there for a few hours till the first blue caught on Green tin. Then for 2 more hours no fish..... The current was strong and was with the Wind so it was bad...

Threw the Bag at them and still nothing. My buddy said he was getting hits on the green tin but me nothing!!

Took a little walk away from the tards and was throwing my new Afterhours Pencil! Beautiful peice of wood.I recommend to anyone..... I start casting and just popping away. I missed the first one, or Thought maybe it coulda been a bass hitting it with his tail. But Ill never know.... And you know me Ill stay at it till it pays off and it did..... Nice size Chomper Blue.... I love how they hit the Pencils best site man

I throw him back and go at it for more. very Finicky blues we had.... Moved and moved till I found where they were. Hit a few and let my buddies real them in...

So this guy comes and asks for a blue i said sure... My buddy gets one and I go to take the hook out, my asshole friend didnt hold the fish and let there be slack in the line. As I had my hand on the sand the fish turns and gets the hook right in my hand!!!!

So yeah ruins the day, ruins the bite and now Im stuck with a 6" peice of wood in my hand and a VMC in my finger. I was so upset and pissed off I wanted to just go nuts!!! I didnt want to lose my plug and waste the money, but I had to cut the wire and yeah ruin the plug!! Just bought it today tooo!!!!!

Well you take a look at the pix... Im sure you will be like " nice job "

Big Chomper

The Hook

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