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Date posted July 7, 2010 11:40 PM
Posted by Koz54
Report location New York > North Shore > Smithtown Bay
Fishing method Boat
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Interesting day to say the least. I had lunch with my bride and it was a tad warm for her so I dropped her off at home and headed to the boat at about 3:00.

The chrome was scorching hot and I had to be careful not to burn myself taking off the cover and reading the boat.

Shoved off and headed to Long Beach for a quick dip. The water was really warm and after a swim I felt ready to fish.

I decided to try a couple of "new" spots for some fluke. Very fast drift (nice breeze); I had to use a 2oz bucktail to bounce bottom. I fished in about 20' and caught a few small ones, then a 20.875" fluke.

Close but no cigar. I took another dip then a rip to Cranes to try my honey hole. I watched a couple of guys walk on water in a stiff breeze and little chop. I kept fishing and after a couple of more 18"-19" fish I went back to try the cans.

1st drift produced a 20" fluke. I headed back to make a second drift. About 1/2 way through the drift I saw some surface action. I thought they were blues but after seeing a couple of bunker take flight without much of a frenzy, maybe they were bass on them. The pod was moving towards me pretty fast.

I set the pole in the holder and quickly tossed a plug on another spinning pole and casted to the edge of the action.

As soon as the plug hit water it was hit hard! Reel was screaming and it was game on! I reeled the fluking rod up as I was dealing with what was on the other end of my line.

About 5 minutes later I saw it was a bluefish; a BIG bluefish. I figured that I needed the net because I didn't want to break my light pole or leader (losing a $15 plug) so I grabbed it.

As I slid it into the water it slipped out of my hand. I watched the net slowly sink and drift away. I quickly grabbed the other rod and tossed my bucktail in to snag it.

I hooked the net and started reeling it in as I held the other pole between my legs. There was a malfunction and I heard the sound of a screw hitting the deck.

Sure enough the bail screw came out of the pole with the net on it. I put the pole down and started pulling the line in by hand. In the back of my mind was the thought of braid slicing through my hand or arm if the chopper crossed lined with it.

Luckily that didn't happen and I managed to get the net aboard and then net the blue eyed devil.

A local personal best 12.25 pounder. I have caught bigger blues in Montauk on charters, but never locally on light tackle.

I spent about 3-5 minutes reviving him before he took off. I then spent the next 1/2 hour cutting line and cleaning up the mess that I caused with all that line and tangles aboard.


walking on water


12.25 pounder

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Capt Ed III

Joined: 03/04/2001
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 07/08/2010 09:40 AM  

some day mike. all kinds of excitement.ToungueToungueToungue

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