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Date posted June 14, 2010 10:24 AM
Posted by kringo64
Report location New York > Montauk > Eastman's in NH
Fishing method Boat
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Ok, here it goes. I'll try to keep it as short as possible. Cod fishing up at Eastman's was off the hook, crazy good. We had a 2 day trip planned, Danny K the chartermaster, Mike Brooklynkeeper, Chuck, John and myself for a Friday 6 pack and Sat party boat. The charter on friday was the slower of the 2 days, but still very good fishing, we almost limited with nice size cod, the bite turned off just in time for lunch. Headed in at 4pm with a cooler full of fillets. Now the party boat trip. Dan asked the office how many reservations they had for Sat and it was a sell out, 75-80 people railed the boat. I thought we were cooked. However, Dan made best the move of the day, somehow reserving the pulpit for our party. The customers who moved out in the am were not too happy but understood after a brief discussion. Headed out to what was a parking lot on the water, the like of which I've never seen before, even witnessed a colision. All our expectations were low, considering the day before's fishing turned off early and the packed boat, lots of boat rods out and we all know what that means. I saw a LI buddy mingling with some locals, Glen Evans and dragged him up front with us. The captain stopped among the numbers and quickly decided to move away from the fleet. A good choice, we then started to slam hugh cod almost non-stop for the rest of the day. Our group easily limited in numbers, in pounds it was crazy. Around 2pm the very nice mate Nicole asked us to stop fishing, LOL. There were many 25#, 30# and 40# fish. Glen had a nice 24#, Mike had a 30#, Chuck and John had 26# and 28#, I had a 38# and a couple 30#'s. The star of the day was Dan K with a 54Lb pool winner. What a fish. If anyone diserves that fish its Danny, with all the abuse he took this winter. In conclusion, thanks to Danny for planning the trip, Eastman's was a first rate operation, the boats and mates were awsome, and most important, the fishing was crazy. Imagine all Long Island fisherman, cod fishing in tee-shirts!!!!!............KR

Dan''s 54#

Glen Evans


Dan 54# and Kevin 38#

LI group

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