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Date posted May 18, 2010 3:59 PM
Posted by emuehlbauer
Report location New York > North Fork > Cutchogue
Fishing method Surf
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OK....I was told to take all my sick days this year, as my "bank" is full and I can't save I took off from work Monday and Tuesday to go fishing. There were lots of people fishing on the beach last night, but it seems that I was the only one to catch anything...barely. A 1 lb bluefish more typical of July than May. Went out again this morning at 5 AM...and felt a bite on 2nd cast, using a rubber shad. Felt like light tugging, like a little schoolie...acted like one at first until it realized that it was hooked...then made a super long run. After several more runs, I got it on the beach....30"....skinny, it only weighed about 9 lbs. But it gave me a really good fight...better than the 17 lber I got last year, probably because the tide was moving very strongly. It was covered with half inch copepods...I guess feeding on the slime...they moved quickly. Got another bass, a schoolie about 2 lbs about half an hour later. Very difficult to fish...water was full of huge mats of weeds on top and slimy clumps on the bottom. I was treated to the most intensely colored rainbow- it was double! I have ever seen. By the time the weeds started to clear up, it seemed that any fish were gone. There were no bunker at all, neither last night or this morning. I left as it started to rain and was back in bed by 7. All in all, a great day off!

30" Bass

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Joined: 10/24/2002
Posts: 2073
Location: Deer Park
 05/18/2010 08:54 PM  

Nice fish an effortup

I don't look busy because I did it right the first time.

Joined: 10/06/2006
Posts: 2273
Location: Hauppauge N.Y
 05/18/2010 10:22 PM  

Nice report and a great effort. Hey 2 days off fishing is better than to days at work i always say.up

LIBBA 1347

Joined: 07/06/2006
Posts: 163
Location: Cutchogue, NY
 05/19/2010 07:26 AM  

Nice Fish

Nice job - we've been catching these guys for about two weeks now in shallow water. Still haven't seen any bunker yet. Nice having bass feeding in shallow water though.

Capt Rob

"If you want to grill - somethings got to die"  - Ted Nugent

Joined: 09/01/2005
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Location: Miller Place
 05/19/2010 09:12 AM  

Nice catch.


Joined: 10/14/2008
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 05/19/2010 11:59 PM  


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Joined: 02/04/2006
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Location: Raritan Bay NY
 05/22/2010 07:33 PM  

nice catch....up
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