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Date posted February 6, 2010 10:40 AM
Posted by togilator
Report location New York > Montauk > ROSIE ANOTHER GREAT DAY OF CODDIN!!!
Fishing method Boat
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Recieved a call from my business partner earlier in the week that he needed some cod to make fish and chips for the superbowl.Told him come over and Id give him as much as needed.That wasn't good enough and he wanted fresh.So I Booked us 2 spots with Capt.Freddy on the ROSIE and said is that good enough lol.Arrived at the boat early was told we had the one and only Capt Vinny at the helm today.No problem as I have bailed the fish with Vinny many times before.

Arrived on the grounds to every body sitting on the hook and the last few boats looking for there pimple.Vinny picked out a spot he marked some fish on and set the hook.It took about a 1/2 hour but we chummed them up and built the life.I was in the starboard stern and we couldn't by a hit.Repositioned towards the bow and it was game on.Went back told my partner and the entire stern emptied towards the bow.With a limit of 20 guys we had plenty of room.We had lock and load fishing for about 30 minutes wich slowed to a very good pick til about 9 AM.We re adjusted then and got another short window of fish til about 10:30.

With the Morning bite over Capt.Vinny went hunting around and we picked some here and ther but nothing like the AM.My partner and I caught about 35 cod keeping 18 of them.We had a lot of shorts today.The rest of the boat seemed to have a better keeper ratio and there were numerous guys that caught there limit and then some.Don't know the totals but evereybodys coolers were filled with fresh cod.

Another incredible day south of Block,great to see Capt.James taking a few days of needed rest and Capt. Vinny Putting us on the Meat.Capt.Freddy was there working Deck with Anthony who gave us 1st class service as always.Anybody that wants a small charter experiance and can't do it should give the ROSIE a shot.With a max of 20 people on board there is plenty of room and few tangles.

Togilator is sick so I made this report short and sweet.Stop dreamin and get to Montauk and get you some cod!!!

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Joined: 06/07/2006
Posts: 2140
 02/06/2010 11:55 AM  

Rob: You are so correct when you stated that Capt.James
needs a well-deservedupup rest. He has been working his tail off
this Codfish Season. You couldn't find a better replacement than
Capt.Vinny who has a load of experience in Montauk, where for many
times he ran the Sea Otter Partyboat. Thanks for the reportup,
I'm glad you did wellToungue, & I hope your feeling betterRoll. GOD BLESS.....

We all have a Little Kid inside of us.  It's called FISHING.....

Moderator Charters

Joined: 03/03/2002
Posts: 2672
Location: New London, CT
 02/06/2010 02:51 PM  

Nice report Rob!! up Your a cod catching machine!!! surprise


Joined: 10/25/2006
Posts: 497
Location: New Jersey
 02/06/2010 03:45 PM  

Hope your fealing better. Great report...

There are 4 seasons to the year and you can fish in all of them.  The season never ends...

Joined: 10/02/2008
Posts: 198
Location: Moriches NY
 02/06/2010 10:29 PM  

you are correct sir

Rob you are right.. I have yet to get out this year, due to this and that , but a trip is in my near future..hope to see you out..
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