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Date posted October 13, 2009 8:29 AM
Posted by bigtunabunda
Report location New York > North Fork > hard bottom
Fishing method Boat
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Here's an example of one day being the big dog and the next day being the fire hydrant.

Fished for bass & Togs Friday 10/9 on the outside. Early morning buck tailing at the Race produced 4 keeper bass for us to 20+ lbs, Gary decking his first and largest bass ever at 20 + plus a few blues in the mix. We all decked a keeper or 2.

Then we set up for Tog and had steady action most of the day. We had a quite a few nice fish in the 5-6 lb range and threw back many smaller keepers to 3 lbs, only keeping our limit for 3 guys. We made about 6 drops all day jumping around when things slowed on one spot we'd hit another. We tried several different depths & caught fish in all of them. I had our pool tog for the day. My big fish of the day was weighed in @ Wego 9.55 lbs after it was bled out. Might've made 10lbs? It was a great day.

Threw the deadly dick a few times as we were anchored togging for big albies ( there were lots of them around) but couldn't hook any. Guess I needed some 15 lb test floro carbon leader which I didn't have with me. Saw some guys hooked up to them though.

Sunday 10/11 was a disaster for us as we got out there too late after our intended early start went awry. It was beautiful and we left the dock in T shirts. We made the mistake of trying to entertain our guests trying to drift for bass first in daylight conditions unsuccessfully and wasting time.

As soon as we went to set up for togging in about 35 ft. the fans came on full blast and it got rough. We caught a few togs right away and then nothing after jumping around 4 times. We were rocking & rolling so much we couldn't get the anchor to stick at one point we had to reset like 6 times. We stuck it out fishing some great hard bottom in about 32-38 feet and playing with small porgies. The tog started to chew again late in the day just as we were getting ready to pull the hook. We ended the day with only 3 smaller keepers, and then toughed it back through wind against tide and a strong West wind all the way back to the dock. One of my WORST days on the North Fork yet. But we lived and we learned.

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 10/13/2009 04:12 PM  

Here's my big tog from Friday

I lift fish up then put them down!!
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