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Date posted October 13, 2009 8:25 AM
Posted by napster
Report location New York > Shinnecock > 1st set of fingers
Fishing method Boat
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Headed out looking for a big shark, had on board with me fishing was my Son Tyler, Terry McCabe & his Son Kyle, & Paul (Pablo). First lines in the water at sunup & didn't take long before we had our 1st few hits. Landed some Bluefish & dogfish also had a nice runoff but it dropped the bait as the filet came back cut in 1/2. About 1 hour into our trip Terry yells out what is this coming our way we all look & Paul yells out BIG SCHOOL OF DOLPHIN !!! well these guys come right up to the boat they circle the boat go under the boat & were just having a good time saying good morning to us about 40 - 50 dolphins total while they were circling boat I dropped down a 10oz hammered diamond jig but I had no pick ups. The dolphin left us a fast as they came heading East about 1/2 hr later they came back & played with us again putting on a show for the 2 Boys we had on board as this was the 1st time they ever seen anything like this. Back to sharking we just kept on drifting & winds were getting stronger & stronger as day went on around 1Pm we get a runoff I set the hook & I feel a fish on the other end about 30seconds into the fight a Mako shows himself on top of the water just trashing & splashing around & shaking his head, reel him in close to the boat everybody ready terry got the gaff in hand just needed about 3' more & he would have felt the steel but he came up to the top again shook his head & just like that he was free AGGHHHHH. Ok lets get baits back out there Paul gets picked up on way out but never comes tight on the fish so we regroup. Talking about the ONE THAT GOT AWAY everything was like text book the Mako was estimated around 100Lbs but we will never no.. Its now around 1:30 & the mighty Sea is building to around 3 to 5' and getting very mean throwing my boat from side to side we start chumming very heavy knowing that if this keeps up we will not be here much longer. About 2:15 pm we got rogue 6' waves just about coming over the sides of my gunnel walls so we decide to get out of there as we still had a decent ride back home. Anything that was inside the boat on shelves was now on the floor LOL so we cruised back in about 15 miles running about 16knots into a North West wind that tossed the boat back & forth & made for an interesting ride, as we approach the Shinnecock inlet I see about 20 boats inside the inlet as the waves outside were pretty decent we powered thru the ripping outgoing current & the waves to get inside to be greeted with boats of all sizes just sitting in our way (some real jerks out there)& trolling with no respect for a fellow fisherman trying to get in & through a very mean inlet. back to the barn an hour later we cleaned the boat & sat around having a cocktail & smoking a cigar talking about a great trip. John (reelfisher) came by & joined us for a nice cigar & some Patron LOL . While we were out there Shark fishing my Son Tyler asked if he could fish some bait on the bottom hoping for some bluefish or something else to keep him busy & not bored about 2 minutes down there he gets a nice hit & a good fight reels up the line & finds a 6Lb FLUKE on the hook end LOL (released) also caught a few other fish including some dogfish. Good times with a great group. Paul has some videos & pictures that he will add to this report. Chris

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Joined: 10/09/2009
Posts: 393
Location: Moriches
 10/13/2009 08:43 AM  

Nice Report! Did the weather creep up on you or did you know it was getting bad?

Joined: 03/23/2007
Posts: 2254
Location: In the country
 10/13/2009 09:13 AM  

IamFinAddict wrote:

Nice Report! Did the weather creep up on you or did you know it was getting bad?

Weather report said 2' to 4' with winds 10-15 gust to 20.. NOAA was off on this one. we had constant wind from the WNW

RUM is the answer....
What was the question

Joined: 10/28/2007
Posts: 278
Location: Shinnecock
 10/13/2009 10:21 AM  

I was at the fingers also on Mon. I was in a 23' boat and it was a little sporty in the morning but got nicer as the day went on. A little too nice. We lost our drift at about 12:30. We released a 100 lb. Mako around 11:00. Many Monster Blues jigged at 100 ft. down. Still looking for Mama Mako

Joined: 04/23/2002
Posts: 16210
Location: Moriches
 10/13/2009 10:22 AM  


Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16887
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 10/13/2009 11:35 AM  

nice report as i read it all, it was like i was with you guys Toungue,, all stay well,, pablo nice videos, ><Wink))):> ~~~ ><Wink))):>


Joined: 08/07/2005
Posts: 875
 10/13/2009 09:22 PM  

Whoa Noaa!

Sounded like a workout! Go figure. In today's technology; one would think the NOAA would get it within 5 kts and / or within 1-2 foot seas. HMPH! The forcast as of Friday - for Monday; off 20 NM was for 5kt and 1 ft seas or less. I thought for sure you guys had the BESTEST day for going out! The National Marine forecast has really REALLY been off this season! That's why we go out anyway; haa haa; figuring they got it wrong. BUMMER losing that Mako SO CLOSE! I bet there was either dead silence or a lot of bad words! BONUS was those pods of Porpoises!! SOOOO Close! Great videos Paul! As usual! I would've ruined the video yelling with excitement, if I was video gal! Smooth; cool videos. What a great catch. Insult to injury; a grand 6 lb FLUKE (MoJoe; breathe; just breathe) Nice, released fish! Glad you made it back; safe and sound; and looking forward to your next reports! SeaMomster L&D

Joined: 03/30/2003
Posts: 4425
 11/04/2009 05:09 PM  


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