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Date posted October 1, 2009 11:15 AM
Posted by Fishalicious
Report location New York > Debs/Jones > WE2 / Inlet
Fishing method Surf
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Fished the top of the tide around dawn this morning. Light west wind. Caught one bluefish inside the inlet on a Kastmaster, and had a number of hits from its little brothers (I think the snappers are getting BIG).

Walked all the way out to the jetty. No surf... no fish.

The big piece to report is the MASSIVE amount of bait in the water here. So thick that I snagged a peanut bunker on a bucktail and an anchovy on my popper. (That is one strange sounding sentence!)

I spoke with a gentleman who had all the bluefish he could get on a Krocodile two days ago (Tuesday) inside the inlet. He said the fish would litter the beach with coughed up sand eels when landed.

If this area doesn't turn on with all this bait in the water and the falling temps, I don't know if it ever will.

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Joined: 05/02/2005
Posts: 2508
Location: Raritan Bay to MTK....
 10/01/2009 02:25 PM  

I agree....plenty of bait around. I watched that guy on Tuesday also. He had a great technique that I couldn't match. Wind agains't the tide made matters worse. He would flutter that spoon and slam 'em. I learn alot be watching. Here are some pictures from Tuesday. Also....lots of snappers by the construction dock.

YouTube search- Iplayfair2,KFA-NY, SPEED BUMP, NITE-BITE

Joined: 05/17/2006
Posts: 69
 10/01/2009 05:17 PM  

i love the pictures, everyone is a good spot to fish; my favorite is the last one.

Joined: 01/01/2008
Posts: 3147
Location: On the Edge
 10/01/2009 08:54 PM  

Been hittin the front side over there for a couple of weeks. Two more Bass at sunset today. One at 28". She was my once a month Fryin pan fodder. Yum. Water was very clean,and still a bit warm. Dude leaving said he released a 30". We both had the fish on chunks. The casters arrived bout 5 pm. Didnt see a hook up. Birds were working about 200 yds out for a while. Wonder whats goin on at Gilgo .... I'll be somewhere at 5 am. Got a few days to find the big girls. Is RM open yet? And oh yea , we share the same name Mr. MM

Gone fishin

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