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Date posted September 19, 2009 11:33 AM
Posted by shredgit7
Report location New York > New York Bight > montauk,fireisland, the bight
Fishing method Surf
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very long night.. started out in montauk to catch the beginning of the ebb.. arrived at the lot to find it packed with buggies, campers,etc.. forgot about paulies tournament this weekend and i'll admit.. i've been spoiled by my august trips and late night weekday trips showing up with 10 trucks in the lot.. after surveying the area i wanted to fish and finding it 20 deep with surfcasters i debated getting some sleep and fishing the very early morning flood.. or moving west.. since duking it out for a rock has never been my thing i decided to head to moses... hour later i arrive at RM to find an empty lot around midnight..fished the bottom of the tide for a few shorts on needlefish..when the tide bottomed out i decided to take a trip further west... i've had a consistent bite on teen - 20lb at this location the past couple of weeks... but the window is usually no more than an hour.. glad i decided to go.. 10 fish-5 of them shorts and the rest between 15 -25lbs all weighed on my boga and released within an hour and a half of my home at 5am.. summary-1 tank of gas, 6 hours of driving total,4 hours fishing, all to catch fish 40 minutes from my house.. dont need to be in montauk to catch fish guys, just have to know where to look.. tight lines

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Joined: 07/31/2005
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Location: yonkers,n.y.
 09/19/2009 01:34 PM  


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Joined: 03/17/2003
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Location: levittown, N.Y.
 09/19/2009 02:11 PM  

The traveling Angler

You spent alot of miles behind the whell, but at least you where rewaarded in the end, GOOD JOB!up

I drive a jeep, but CHEVY is in my blood. libba # 1742, Striped Bass Coop.
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Joined: 06/09/2008
Posts: 79
 09/19/2009 03:43 PM  

You my friend, are a dedicated surf caster! Nice job, I'm glad you got some fish!

Joined: 09/15/2003
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Location: Farmingdale, NY
 09/19/2009 06:33 PM  

Great Report

Way to pound the suds, and the pavement.

Joined: 04/04/2006
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Location: South Hampton
 09/19/2009 07:38 PM  

MAN now thats a spot I dream about! Kudos to you for your hard work! I would carry smelling salts for the drive on the one day trips to montauk (plus a large 7/11 black coffee)For me to do Montauk right you gotta do two or three days (feels like a month) unless you live close! Great report thats some nice fish!

Joined: 10/08/2001
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 09/19/2009 08:20 PM  

That's nice.

Joined: 12/18/2002
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Location: East Islip, NY
 09/19/2009 09:39 PM  


hour later i arrive at RM to find an empty lot around

Wow now that's Bookin', What did you use a helicopter.

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Joined: 06/15/2008
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Location: yonkers (yonkaz)
 09/20/2009 01:54 PM  

mangohuntr1 wrote:

hour later i arrive at RM to find an empty lot around

Wow now that's Bookin', What did you use a helicopter.

haha... i did that report on no sleep.. it was suppose to be an hour and a half.. and yes, once i hit the highway portion of 27 i was booking it. went through many, many redbulls that night.. thanks for the words guys.. i know i wont be out all this week since i'll be upstate so i've been hitting it hard throughout the week and weekend to make up for it then hopefully i have a week or two after before i go back to work... tight lines guys

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