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Date posted August 23, 2009 12:46 PM
Posted by emuehlbauer
Report location New York > North Fork > Cutchogue
Fishing method Surf
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While looking for crabs off the end of my catwalk in the marsh this morning, I saw an interesting school of fish. They were swimming in a tight circle, like peanut bunker, but not as fast or coordinated as bunker...they were also swimming more towards the bottom. They were 5-7" long, mostly towards the 5" range. At first I thought they were snappers, but they were darker and broader at the "shoulders" than snappers. Then I thought stripers, but I've never seen bass school that way, and when they (rarely) flashed their sides, there were no stripes. My guess is that they were white mullet. I know mullet are very common on the south shore at this time of year, but I have never (in my 30+ years out here) seen mullet on the north shore or in the Peconics. I know that mullets go into salt marshes and even fresh water...Any other possibilites?

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Joined: 04/19/2004
Posts: 227
 08/23/2009 07:26 PM  

Confusedi dont know what they were but i know you will find out.


Joined: 04/19/2004
Posts: 227
 08/23/2009 07:33 PM  

remember me now?

Confusedi hope this picture helps.Shades


Joined: 05/27/2004
Posts: 21
Location: Shelter Island
 08/23/2009 09:08 PM  

I saw something very similar going up and down the shore feeding on shiners. My first thought was mullet, but I didn't think they'd be eating white bait.

Joined: 05/28/2003
Posts: 3063
Location: Shinnecock
 08/23/2009 09:22 PM  


I had been getting lots of mullet in my cast net in Western Shinnecock Bay Most of August but haven't tried for any since fluke season ended. Sounds like it definetly could be mullet. They stay close to to the surface and in calm water make a "V" pattern similar to what geese look like in the sky....

I'v got lots of mullet in years past in the creeks of flanders so I am certain they can be found in the peconics.


Noreast Writer

Joined: 10/25/2001
Posts: 763
 08/24/2009 01:17 PM  

I'll take a stab and guess jack crevalle??? I caught a slew of them last year in Shinnecock Canal and live-lined them for bass. You got me. Confused


Joined: 07/04/2003
Posts: 668
Location: Cutchogue/Rego Park
 08/24/2009 10:22 PM  

Well, I'm conflicted now....watching the fish while I do my (sometimes futile) crabbing, I sometimes see "snapper" , sometimes "mullet"...I forgot that late August snappers can be much fuller bodied than July/early August seems that everything swims in that "V formation"...snappers fact, I see the tiny silversides swimming in tiny V-formations...what I really need to do is see these guys on an outgoing tide, when the water is crystal clear. I spend most of my time on the dock crabbing, which means incoming tide...(at least crabbing is decent this year...unlike the a blue tonight..first fish in a week...)..water is not clear, but some cool things come by if you stay long enough to look..eels, a nice turtle crawled by..Oh- I caught a nice female diamondback on Friday night, snagged on my was nice to actually catch something! Brought it home to show everyone, then sent it's nice to see these guys wife did her PhD thesis on the diamondback terrapins out here. Dennis- yes I remember you!
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