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Date posted May 12, 2009 11:20 PM
Posted by Hunt n' Fish
Report location New York > Montauk > POSTED REPORT COMMENTS
Fishing method Surf
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I have posted this same information in the surf fishing forum as a sticky, however I wanted to include it here for anyone else to see that may not visit that board.

Last week I spent a good deal of time interacting with a lot of you surf anglers in the surf forum. And it was fun for me to reconnect with some of you that I haven't talked to in over a year. I've been a member here for about 8 years, and a moderator here for about 7 of those years. During that time, I've gotten to know many of you surf guys. Meeting many of you in person, and learning about each other online here in our community. Over that time period, I've developed what I do believe to be a mutual respect for many of you, for your contributions here, your time as part of our "community" and for the many issues that have come up over the years, including the discussion of specific fishing spots.

As I repeated myself MANY times last week. I understand the gripe with discussing locations. I agree with it myself. BUT THE SITE'S POLICY IS NOT TO PROHIBIT IT. PERIOD! End of discussion as far as that's concerned with any of the site moderators. It's none of our call to make. SO STOP WASTING ALL OF OUR TIME and continuing to insult, and attack our members and moderators who do participate in the posted report section.

As the administrative moderator here, I've been asked to find moderators to fullfil different positions. Rich and Kevin were great choices for the surf fishing board, and have been doing a great job, and have also been given the latitude to manage this board as they see fit. They don't allow specific spots to be mentioned in here, and I support that as part of a constructive enviroment in here. And it's worked wonderfully.

The policy of the posted reports section is different. It doesn't prohibit mentioning of spots. What is does prohibit, is negative comments, and "bashing" of any kind of the report posters, boats, shops, etc. So we have found moderators who understand, agree with, and willing to promote that enviroment in there Al and Jay. ALL OF THESE MODERATORS DONATE THEIR TIME TO THIS SITE and deserve respect for that alone. NONE of them should have to put up with the insults, and BS I've seen sent towards some of them lately, or have to spend inordinate amounts of their time policing the reports in order to constatly clean up after people that just refuse to get it. And I am putting a stop to it now.

As I stated last week, I am not opposed to constructive critism. I stated I would allow respectful, constructive, informative comments to be posted to educate posters about being too specific, but it appears once again, that some of you just refuse to follow that. And going beyond that, you continue to bait and insult the moderators who are doing the jobs EXACTLY as they've been asked to do. These are not their policies, they are the site policies, so stop harrasing, insulting, and baiting them.

From this point on, ANY derogatory, inflammatory, insulting, crass, rude, (etc.) comments will earn the posters a single warning for a first time, and a report section F-ban for any future instances (Many of you have already recieved your warnings, and won't get any more). Continued problems and you'll be gone from the site. I don't care how long, or how much you've contributed. The constant attention needed for your comments in the report sections is overshadowing the "good" you've done at this point. And the same goes for any such comments posted towards our report moderators, or members via PM that I recieve. The very few of you that refuse to follow the rules that I took the time to restate over and over again last week, have caused me a considerable amount of grief the past week, between members and our moderators, and I'm not wasting any more time playing referee for those of that you just flat out refuse to listen.

So you are all free to make your decision. Play nice, be respectful, and educational, or don't play at all, and loose any voice you had in the report you ever had.

Good night,


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