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Date posted March 31, 2009 8:32 PM
Posted by IRONFISH3
Report location New York > New York Bight > S.I. pond
Fishing method Fly Fishing
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Hit my local north shore pond again this afternoon from 4:30 to 6:45 with the 6wt.Waded out into the pond and started to cast a black crystal bugger .Proceeded to throw the fly into cattails the first couple of casts then hooked a large bluegill. Noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye thought it was some debris sticking out of the water.I made another cast and looked back and it was gone. Hmmm. Made a couple more casts while my mind tried to process what I might have saw and was starting to think maybe it was either one of saltydocs attack alligators or the freakin loch ness monster. A few minutes later 15 ft. away one of the biggest snapping turtles I've seen surfaces.Now I don't mind the occasional muskrat or horseshoe crab in the surf but this thing looked like it was stalking me . So I continued to cast while I kept one eye on "jaws" and one eye on the bank I was casting to. I feel a take set the hook and feel a good pull after a nice little fight I get the fish in sight and am shocked to see another catfish with the fly firmly planted in his upper jaw ! My second catfish ever on the fly and a few days apart. 16inches and 2.4 lbs on a digital scale( safely released).Got a couple photos on my cell this time too.Continued fishing and landed a small bass then lost the fly and switched to a white deerhair slider type fly and a few casts later saw some commotion behind me . Dropped the fly one strip and saw a big swirl .Hooked and landed a 19inch pickerel after a nice fight. Sorry for the long report but definitely has to be one of the strangest freshwater slams on the flyrod.And a lot of fun as I patiently await the striped ones.Going to try to attach the photos as I never did it before. Still using smoke signals and cave drawings.


bullhead on the fly

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Joined: 10/01/2008
Posts: 160
Location: Bohemia
 03/31/2009 09:13 PM  

nice catsup

Joined: 03/23/2009
Posts: 3
 03/31/2009 09:56 PM  

Catfish on a fly rod...Awesome

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Joined: 02/14/2003
Posts: 100372
Location: 100/100
 03/31/2009 10:07 PM  

Nice cats up I LMAO @Jaws Toungue

its a  tiger shark A WHAAT



Joined: 07/14/2008
Posts: 74
Location: Looking for the BIG one!
 03/31/2009 10:39 PM  

nice isent that bullhead huge for arround here i thought they dident get very big???

Joined: 01/15/2006
Posts: 338
 04/01/2009 05:56 AM  

Great report! Nice pics.upupup

Joined: 03/17/2003
Posts: 27998
Location: levittown, N.Y.
 04/01/2009 02:33 PM  

The catfish fly guyupup

I drive a jeep, but CHEVY is in my blood. libba # 1742, Striped Bass Coop.
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Joined: 04/10/2004
Posts: 234
Location: Staten Island
 04/01/2009 04:14 PM  

got post got 1 pickeral at the lake on si today !! very slow day!!

Joined: 11/28/2006
Posts: 17
 04/01/2009 04:32 PM  

Hey I know that spot nice report !! keep up the good work whiskers!

Joined: 03/14/2008
Posts: 215
 04/01/2009 08:29 PM  

Nice report

Very nice man !!! Those catfish fight like hell on a 5 weight. They seem to like san juan worms too. Looks like you have a nice pond there, keep the reports comming.

This guy was almost 30 inches


Joined: 09/26/2006
Posts: 837
Location: Staten Island
 04/01/2009 09:57 PM  

Snapping turtle???? remind me not to wade past the knees next time I'm there surprise Don't want to lose any sensative "gear".


Joined: 08/08/2003
Posts: 163
 04/02/2009 06:34 AM  

thanks fellas.BruceGardner that thing is a mule!!surprise
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