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Date posted March 14, 2009 12:10 PM
Posted by bigtunabunda
Report location New York > Montauk > NDT
Fishing method Boat
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Some days even a blind squirrel can find a nut. My buddy was on the NDT yesterday (Fri 3/13) he decked 24 fish 13 keepers. Most boats had some trouble finding them yesterday from what I'm hearing, but Capt. Tommy got on a pile. Not like an ALL OUT slammer or anything but they had a few hours of good fishing and it's all they needed.

Not a bad day for late run party boat fishing at all I'd say!

From reports that I read and others that I hear first hand some days can still be hot and others not so hot at all, but that's fishing! I've spent enough on 3 cod trips to Montauk this year myself. If I cod fish one more time this year it'll be in New England when it's warmer and the fishing is a bit more interesting.

Until then my attention is turning to trout, flounder and white perch, maybe even a spring TOG trip or 2 or 3 should that materialize with some good momentum.

By the way, Fleetwood Mac played in the Nassau Col. Last night, They were friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joined: 06/10/2005
Posts: 240
 03/14/2009 01:25 PM  

NDT? Who is the NDT? Not familiar with that boat.

Joined: 02/19/2009
Posts: 19
 03/14/2009 01:41 PM  

nice day too

he must mean that boat.

This post edited by JC30967 06:49 PM 03/14/2009

Joined: 09/27/2006
Posts: 42
 03/14/2009 02:48 PM  

WOW, I did the same exact thing yesterday, fished the Viking Superstar, had a great time then raced home to make Fleetwood Mac, yes great concert.
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