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Date posted February 12, 2009 6:57 PM
Posted by bigtunabunda
Report location New York > Montauk > Viking Star ship
Fishing method Boat
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I fished on the Viking Tuesday Feb 10th. Sorry for the late report! I catch most inshore species pretty well, but I'm no Cod God! My jigs were bought with Mass. in mind. They're all a bit large for Montauk with large siwashes on them. they were a little too big for out there. I saw guys with 8 to 12 oz jigs doing considerably better than myself, but I learned a lesson.In fact most jigged fish were hitting the teasers anyway, but I think my big jigs were scaring the crap out of the fish!

I was wiped out after the long ordeal. Woke up 7am Monday morning, couldn't get back to sleep. We only left for Montauk around 5:30pm, drove out after eating some good food. The ride out wasn't bad, got there around 8pmish? Went & got drinks, & sandwiches and munchies @ the super market. Got into my buddy Richie's house, hung out, talked, relaxed watched a little tube, then ate some linguine right before trying to sleep, bad move! I was too full, and too wound up, and we only had about an hour and half before we had to get up and go to the boat.

Got on the Viking Starship on time and another buddy put rods in the stern for us as he got both stern corners. I told him about the morning predawn bite in darkness where they'd been anchoring so he wanted to get back there for it.BAD MOVE. I said lets set up in the bow, or mid ship near the ducer, but he thought we'd kill em in the stern. Plenty fish were caught all over the boat. He had about 9 cod himself on jigs and bait. I slept on the way out in the rack for about an hour maybe? I should've brought some bedding, pillow and blanket.I only got about an hour's sleep from Monday moring until getting home Tuesday night.

I had 6 shorts and 4 keepers, and 1 big ling. My other buddies had about 6 keepers apiece and they never cod fished before. The problem was you couldn't drop in the stern area without getting into tangles, the boat was railed!!!

The pre dawn bite seems done that never materialized. I saw only a few cod and a smattering of ling come up in the dark. Most of the best action was latter in the day. Thank God for the last 2 drifts, that's when we saw the biggest fish of the day come up, and my buddy had a whistle fish around 20lbs on a double header keepers in fact, which took the 2nd place pool. I also had a couple of teen sized cod that took drag and finally felt really good they saved my day!!! I caught a few cod on jigs- teasers really, but bait produced the all of the larger fish I'd seen on Tuesday.

I know we'd have done so much better if we had a lighter crowd, or had been jigging on the bow, those guys up there seemed to have bent rods most of the day. I didn't see the 1st place fish, I don't even know how big it was. It wasn't my best day, and not my worst either. It turned out to be a good day all in all. I'm not sorry I went. Some of my fillets are wormy, what can you do? Are the fillets up north less wormy? the weather was beautiful all day, we were really lucky with that!

I may go again, possibly next week if the weather cooperates, I'm off Wed's and Thurs. So whichever looks better I guess? The Viking is BIG and comfortable,and they know the cod out there well, they're just so popular and packed and railed. If you don't get a prime spot tangle galore! I may try Nice Day Too or Rosie Next week if I go? I think the

fishing will hang in there for at least another week or 2, if not more. there seems to be lots of fish, and some nice size ones too, though most are smaller, I think they're better to eat anyway, less worms maybe????

Another thing I learned, if you're going to jig, then everyone around you should be jigging too. 1 or 2 guys jigging and the others around you dragging clams will not get a good jig bite going. The guys on the bow were jigging the entire time and attracted the fish that way.If you jig alone you'll work much harder for your fish. sometimes they won't hit the clam and they'll hit jigs cuz the they want to chase bait. At that point everyone should try jigging. When they're hitting clam good and steady maybe it's good to stick with that cuz usually the bait can bring some bigger fish.

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