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Date posted November 30, 2008 11:59 AM
Posted by shredgit7
Report location New York > Debs/Jones > say it aint so
Fishing method Surf
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hit jones last night around 6pm... put my korkers on, went for the duct tape.. damn, took it out before thanksgiving... made my way down the trail... as i came out i realized... crap, i didnt put my permit in the window... back to the lot.. finally made it out to the water around 645pm...not alot of whitewater with N wind but the waves sounded heavy (you could hear the thud from them in the lot if you were paying attention... fished needles along the beach..few bumps, but nothing special... made my way to the pocket and threw on a darter... again one bump but no hookup...then fished the inlet from the beach side to halfway to the bay... threw darters, plastic eels, and deep diving metal lips... nothing... decided it was time to leave... on the way back i noticed that one of my korkers fell off (damn duct tape) and had to back track to find it... all in all, lots of exercise, few tiny bumps, no fish... i hope we get one more run of fish, but it looks bleak... few more trips for me this year

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 11/30/2008 07:29 PM  

Don't sweat the permit on the dashboard so much. And by all means don't walk back a great distance if you forgot to display it. If they ticket you, you need only send proof that you have a valid permit along with the ticket and they will void the ticket. Getting towed is not an issue.
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