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Date posted November 19, 2008 7:58 PM
Posted by Hendrixlives
Report location New York > Fire Island > Gilgo to Cedar
Fishing method Surf
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Arrived @ Gilgo entrance about 3:15 pm today - 4 trucks scattered near the entrance. Observed for a few minutes, nobody hooking up. Drove down east to the Cedar town line, one guy resting in his truck at the bar. Tried tossing a metal lip into filthy, dirty water, complete with eel grass on every cast... Plenty of plovers enjoying the sunset.

Did 5 casts of dirt & weed, drove further east to the Cedar line and found them. They were jumping everywhere - close, far, middle... No birds on them.

Tried the metal lip for gotz. Switched to A27 with green tube, bucktail, kastmaster, different metal lip, white darter - all for gotz!!! Was even throwing right into jumps, swirls, etc. I beleive the water was so filthy they could not see my offering. I found the fish but they didn't find me. Only 1 other guy in a white jeep was fishing by me doing bunker heads with no luck. The eel grass was not bad down by Cedar.

Had to leave by 5:00 to go see the wifey - casting hand was getting numb from the cold.

Give it a day or so to clear up a little - the cookie monsters are in for sure...

Pete the Jimi fan

Old Yankee Stadium...

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Joined: 01/07/2002
Posts: 282
Location: Islip
 11/19/2008 08:41 PM  

You should have stayed at Gilgo. Loads of shorts on bucktails and teasers.

"Even fish would stay out of trouble if they kept their mouth shut"

"All fisherman are liars except you and me and I'm not so sure about you"

Joined: 03/20/2001
Posts: 266
 11/19/2008 08:58 PM  


I think u meant to say......... Stugotz!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

I pray I live to fish
Until my dying day.
When at my last cast,I
most humbly pray: When
in the Lord's great landing net,
peacefully asleep,That
in His mercy I be
judged, big enough to keep

Joined: 10/06/2006
Posts: 2273
Location: Hauppauge N.Y
 11/20/2008 08:17 AM  

A simple tin and teaser combo would have gotten you into the action, live and learn. Ya gotta use a teaser this time of yearWink

LIBBA 1347
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