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Date posted November 8, 2008 10:33 PM
Posted by Toutog
Report location New York > Montauk > SW Fisher's Is.11-7-08
Fishing method Boat
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Friday 11-7-08

Got a ride on the Charterboat Soaker out of Westlake Friday morning with a couple of Noreast Old Timers Bill Baywatch up from sunny Fla. to get in on the hot Tog bite and also try his hand at the Riverview Bass Tourney. Bill Baywatch was accompanied by his side kick Bobby Hipshot.

Capt Harvey gave us a nice ride over in the light chop and the hard working mate Capt. Mike a/k/a Togmaster set us up on the meat at the first drop. The crew of the Soaker worked real hard keeping us on the chewing Toggies thru all stages of the tide with it's infamous hard pulling current needing 16oz to hold at times and just 8 oz. other times. The boat easily had it's limit by noon with fish to 8lbs. and we kept nothing under 16 inches. Many thanks to the Soaker crew for really great day while visiting with old friends as well as a nice ride on a really comfortable and clean boat.

"Hard at Work!"

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Joined: 10/10/2001
Posts: 5514
Location: Cape Coral, Fl. was LI for 52 Yrs
 11/09/2008 08:13 PM  

It was!!

Hey Gus,

Granted a great time, with good company. I put post up in Mike's Board about our trip including photo's of out shinangins...LOLWinkup

Stay well my friend.up

This post edited by baywatch 08:14 PM 11/09/2008
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