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Date posted September 1, 2008 9:38 PM
Posted by seygrunt
Report location New York > Fire Island > Sayville /Bayport
Fishing method Boat
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Got out Sunday for a couple hours around 0930 Hrs. and hit the Sayville area. North wind and pretty heavy boat traffic. The Searays were out in full force headed out to the beaches. Did not expect much due to the boat traffic but hey you can get out when you can. Managed to catch 4 weaks to shorts and two around 23 inches and a handfull of KingFish. The Kingfish were quite large. I am amazed by the size of the King fish this year. Got out today same conditions a little lighter on the North Wind and a little heavier on the Searay action. Only managed one short Weakie and 4 KingFish. About 20 minutes before leaveing for the day. My ugly stick was positioned in the rear rod holder with my favorite bait bounceing across the bottom. (yes tide dead sticking again). when she doubles over to the gunnel and my old Penn 85 starts screaming. Grab the rod and get it out of the gunnel and the battle begins. Allmost spooled of my Andy line finally get the fish turned and the seasaw battle begins. Finally get the fish to the boat after about 15 minutes praying its the mother of Sayville weakies and realize the big net is stashed in the cabin. Send my brother to get the big net get her netted and out pops the biggets bluefish I have ever caught in the Bay or pretty much anywhere for that matter. A true monster my estimate somewhere between 13-15 pounds. Quickly released and off to the races to chop another day. Well not quite the weakie I was hopeing for but a hell of a lot of fun on the old Ugly stick deep in the great south bay.

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Location: Great South Bay, NY
 09/01/2008 10:31 PM  

Great's encouraging to hear that fish can be caught close to home without heading all the way to the lighthouse/bridge/inlet area!
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