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Date posted July 27, 2008 7:52 PM
Posted by Nostradamus
Report location New York > North Shore > A Lesson Learned at Eatons.....
Fishing method Surf
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Always bring a spare..........

Decided to head to Eatons after checking the local radar and finally seeing a break in the heavy rain.

Beautiful evening out there. Met a guy and his wife that were new to fishing and gave them some pointers and tips.

All of a sudden out of nowhere my 8' Tsunami Trophy rod snaps in half casting a 4" rubber shad....WTF!!!

5th time using the piece of JUNK.

Funny thing, someone warned me about Tsunami's garbage. But did I listen?


Did I bring a spare? Of course not!!! Was only gonna cast for an hour or two. Didn't need it right....SOB!!! Wrong again!!!

Started heading back to the car and saw a small pod of bunker being harrased by small cocktails. I tried getting the guy and his wife into the fish but they were a little too far out of casting distance.

Well it wasn't a total loss, made a couple new friends and hopefully helped them out a bit.

I will be on the phone with TSUNAMI tomorrow

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Joined: 09/21/2002
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Location: Sayville NY
 07/27/2008 08:17 PM  

Had the same problem with my 8 foot Tsunami trophy rod -emailed the company and they replaced it minus shipping- although thats my back up stick I too think its crap. Bob
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