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Date posted June 15, 2008 5:01 PM
Posted by toyotaoffroad91
Report location New York > Moriches > Moriches Rips
Fishing method Surf
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Ken and I did the hardcore trip last night... Left the house at 10pm and arrived on location to some insane horizontal lighting.. we stuck it out for a little bit being that we had some time to the tide we wanted. once the lighting stopped we hoofed a long walk with both our conventional and plug rods, and full gear (i mean everyting). at the start of the flood we chunked. about an our later i pickup a 14# bass. then the action just dies nothing doing hours past and it was becoming light out.. at first light we where throwing some bucktails picking at some respectable schoolies for about half hour that where holding in some structure. then the gnats came out...time to go. left at 7:30 this morning..overall a good night until that walk back...ugghhh

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Joined: 10/24/2002
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Location: Deer Park
 06/15/2008 08:44 PM  

Troopers way togo Ken and Willupup

I don't look busy because I did it right the first time.

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 06/16/2008 09:00 AM  



Joined: 10/06/2006
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 06/16/2008 09:09 PM  


WiLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, good going. I love Moriches. I didn't start my anual weekly trecks there yet but can't wait. Waiting for Fire Island to slow down a little. Good going , Hard Core all the wayup.>>>>>>>>>Martin

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