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Date posted July 19, 2008 7:18 PM
Posted by Slick56
Report location New Jersey > Raritan Bay > Keyport NJ
Fishing method Boat
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Went out today on the capt john in keyport NJ (great boat!)with the maxizer in hand.. The fish werent biting today but i managed a keeper 19.5inches and 2 other short fluke, a few sea robins and 1 monster skate. At the the time I caught the skate I had my Penn 720 spinfisher spooled w/15lb stren microfuse braid and hooked into this skate. My rod doubled over and i mean doubled over! I finessed the skate up and was happy to get it over with because i really thought this rod was gonna snap. Nope, not the maximizer.....add flexibility to the list. Capt Neil's Maximzers series rods are the sh!t!

The Capt John is a great boat, good crew and he works to get you fish. Not a good day but not his fault. Top mates too, nice guys.

Oh....fellow norester rrspike was on board. Seems him and i are neighbors and are tackle junkies. Nice to fish with ya James, it was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to more trips on the capt john w/ ya.

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Joined: 05/18/2008
Posts: 3
 07/20/2008 08:07 AM  

We fish the capt. john every mon. couldn't agree with u more great boat, great crew. caught two limits and 2 6.5 lbers with him already this season. used to fish boats out of atlantic highlands but seems to be nothing doing at the hook. they also seem to cater to the 1 time fisherman more than the guys who come every week imho.

Joined: 05/09/2008
Posts: 132
 07/20/2008 04:02 PM  

Nice report, man, wtg. did you know you can eat skates? One that big would have been nice, justt slice off the wings, lotta meat in the big ones, bake in oreg, ital dressing, hardly any bones, u can open it up like a double crust pizza and just pull the meat out after it's done. mmmmm up

Joined: 01/11/2006
Posts: 3396
Location: SI / New Jersey ><((((º>
 07/20/2008 05:19 PM  

Hey Rich, that skate was f'n huge, my new custum fluke stick was doubled over to a pt I was worried but she held up. I dont eat those things FingerFinger

Fishing the surf has been dead so I been hitting up the Party Boats. Cant wait for the fall. I WILL be fishing the hook with ya soon enough. Cant wait up

><((((º> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This post edited by Slick56 05:21 PM 07/20/2008
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